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Nikhil Kumar Jain slaying as a social media expert



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Emerging from a middle class background takes a huge amount of struggle to reach a platform that is not common among the people of society. Social media is the big thing now as it is needed for every business or task you do. 

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Nikhil Jain is the social media market expert who is reaching milestone in this field even though he suffered negativity in the beginning.

The witty boy is working as a social media marketer and owns a buisness of metal. While looking at his achievements Nikhil is being fluent in his field .

 At the age of 21 he purchased a car on his own which is a great feeling to experience at such a young age. Apart from being a social media expert and influencer he has been a wonderful player at state level of cricket. 

Sky is not the limit for those who want to conquer the world with their skills , Nikhil is being amazing in his field whereas his life goals are to be much successful as a expert of social media and an influencer.

Having an experience of 5 years in social media marketing and 4 year experience in all kinds of metal Nikhil is trained in gym too . Regarding Gym he attains an experience of nearly five years.

While starting a non-conventional career there are lots of hatred and judgments that are received from the society. Nikhil says that when , in the beginning, he started working in the field of social media , there were people who tried to manipulate him with judgmental behavior.

He believed himself and started working for what he want to achieve and now this is the time when people seeks advices from him. Nikhil has set a bar so high now that people tend to have tips from him as per their work. This shows that when there is a strong will in heart then everything is achievable .

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