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Non-standard QR codes. How to stand out from the rest?



Non standard QR codes. How to stand out from the rest

As you know, the desire to make your promotional products memorable and eye-catching is the right path to success. Ordinary black and white QR codes have already become commonplace, but QR code with design stands out for its colours and seems more lively and attractive.

What results can be achieved by changing the design of the code?

  1. Become noticeable. To stand out against the background of the same type of QR codes – to make the work of the code more efficient. For example, you can expand the code (it will be read), make it coloured, round the corners, add a shadow, etc.;
  2. give a hint. By adding some text in or next to the code itself that the human eye can read before even using the cell phone camera. Now the QR code is just beginning to actively capture the markets and consumers are scanning everything with their smartphones. Adding some text is fine, except in the most obvious cases. If the website address is encrypted in the QR code, then you can place it under the code or directly on it;
  3. focus on the brand. Since QR codes are a very attractive element in advertising, it is natural that if you harmoniously fit it into the corporate identity of an organization, you can reinforce and strengthen the power of the brand in the minds of consumers. For example, paint in corporate colours, embed the logo in the code, decorate segments with products.

This approach will allow you to stand out from the rest. And what are the options?

Coloured QR code

The simplest change we can make to the code is to change its colour. According to the standard, any QR code consists of only two colours – black and white. You can replace both one colour and two colours with those colours that will solve the tasks.

QR code with gradient

Complicating the algorithm for colouring a QR code, we come from linear colour fills to gradient fills. If suddenly you are not familiar with the term “gradient”, then this is a smooth transition from one colour to another. In other words, the gradient can be a smooth transition from black to blue.

QR code with colourful elements

Another way of the original QR code is to colourize individual isolated segments. That is, a certain group of adjacent segments is painted in a separate colour.

QR code with background image

The next step in bringing the QR code to life is to insert a background image.

QR code with text or logo

The QR code technology was developed taking into account the fact that they will be read by mobile devices with cameras of not the best quality in various adverse conditions that make recognition difficult. In order to improve the quality of recognition when generating QR codes, redundant coding technology is used.

There are numerous approaches to distinguish a creative QR code from the rest. And it doesn’t matter which option you choose. The important thing is that the «designer QR code» will stand out and seem unusual, which is very important in today’s world.

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