Omar El Sherif : Rapper singer

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The 26 year old Egyptian rapper released his new track “Hoot Elbahr Elahmar” (Music Video) very soon. It’s a song inspired by the well-known novel “The Life of Pi,” he explained in a press release. “As lonely and emotional as one can get when leaving your home and the ones you love, sometimes you have to let go and just go with the sea ,” Omar said.

Omar El Sherif was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He started rap from 2009 in Alexandria city streets. Then he moved to the UAE in 2015. He continues from there to not only hit egypt audiences but also to the Middle East and Africa.

Omar El Sherif, rapper, is recording all his songs in GAD music studio. His new song is booming soon. It’s called “Hoot El Bahr El Ahmar” . It tells about his life, how he modifies through all the challenges with full strength and it is hard for another to live it like a Red Sea whale that is inhabited by the gentle giants of the sea. He filmed a video clip in Dubai.

His future work is a new EP for Four tracks in different moods. The model divides songs along the lines of energy and stress, from happy to sad and calm to energetic.

Omar just finished shooting the new music video “Hoot Elbahr Elahmar” in dubai. He said to he’s audience on his social media the music video is gonna be our very soon ones. His team finished the editing committee “ I can’t wait guys to share it with you“.