Story of Digital Entrepreneur Mohammed Buhariwala

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The modern age has seen a great revolution in the world of commerce. From local to global, just about any form of trade is now done digitally. Thus, there is a massive emergence of digital entrepreneurs. These types of business owners are experts when it comes to handling all forms of digital enterprises and activities, just like Mohammed Buhariwala, a 16-year-old who has made a name for himself by giving hundreds of creative and unique consultations to companies and influencers around the world. He is a respected expert in the field of digital media marketing. He believes that successful brands should listen to their audience through social media networks and use meme-based content strategies to take their business to new heights. 

How did Mohammed Buhariwala spend his early life, and how he started his entrepreneurship journey? 

Mohammed Buhariwala’s early life was not less than a challenge. In his school days, he used to play video games, but soon he understood that if he wants to achieve something big, he needs to change his lifestyle. Therefore, he started looking for ways to earn money because he would not get any pocket money. He noticed students selling candy at school, so he began by selling a couple of bags of cookies to his classmates. He found that they were a quick, easy, and profitable way to make money. However, it didn’t go as planned later on, and thus he had to drop this idea. After all these, he started selling electronics and sneakers to make some money. But Covid-19 destroyed his hopes, and he had to shift to another idea. 

He looked at the social platforms as an opportunity and decided to become an entrepreneur. Mohammed Buhariwala created his Instagram account, which quickly grew to 100,000 followers in less than a month using bulk promos, and started his social media empire from there. Today, Mohammed does social media marketing for celebrities worldwide while also running his businesses. Mohammed Buhariwala insists that using well-produced memes in your content marketing strategy is excellent for building a large and hooked following on social media. He has mastered the ability to create memes and used them to drive engagement with his advertising. The informative and fun content in the form of memes is shared a billion times daily on Instagram, making it an excellent way to build brand awareness.

What are the achievements of Mohammed Buhariwala? 

Mohammed Buhariwala is the Founder and CEO of Scale It Up LLC. Mohammed put his heart and soul into starting this company. He has a lot of experience in every aspect of business, and he loves challenges. Mohammed believes that Scale It Up should be about challenging each other to work smarter, not harder, while having fun in business. The influencer has used his dedication and perseverance to develop a prodigious personal brand. He has recently become very active on YouTube and has begun making videos on it. He is focused on growing his brand and online presence.