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Parmarth: The NextGen Tech Entrepreneur who conquered the IT sector




The best website designing expert in India advocates Gujarat as the next IT hub of India.

Gujarat, the state in India is known for its business mind-set, the famous bandhanis, the white Rann, Gir forest – the home to Asiatic Lions and many other things. 

It, however, is not known for the surge and potential of IT market. There is a businessman who took Gujarat’s name to a global level, the NextGen Tech Entrepreneur, Mr Parmath. He exudes passion and imagination in the field of IT. 

Born and brought up in a minuscule town of Wadhwan (Vardhman Puri) in Gujarat, Parmarth set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur when he started working as a freelancer while still studying in college in the year 2007 and this passion of his of doing something in the vast world of IT made him develop his company as the top app development company of Ahmedabad, India.

With the vision of learning and leading in the future, Parmarth, in 2010 started his own company named PM Communications. With the right work-ethic, enhanced skill and unshakable passion, his company 9 years later, became the best website designing & development company in Ahmedabad, India. 

In this journey to the top, Parmarth has provided expertise to various big-name companies of the world, which can be seen on, Parmarth’s expert views pushed him to give IT related advice to businesses & help them develop & grow their websites. 

The prosperous years blossomed more learning and skill to him; his decision-making became more astute, so it was not a surprise when Parmarth became the Next-Gen Tech entrepreneur of India.

Parmarth has worked tirelessly for the better part of his life, his inclination to explore and learn has made him design and work with top businesses & companies across various industries.  

He sees terrific potential in Gujarat as the next IT-hub of India. He always believes in quality over money, and says,” money can make you successful, the quality of your work and product will help you grow and sustain that success.” 

To create an earning platform for writers and publishers as well around the world, Parmarth even launched apps recently, named

He is also mentoring Best freelancer content writer in Gujarat, India and Best digital marketing expert in Gujarat Jigar Saraswat and Monish Solanki in their dream project

PM Communications of Parmarth provides top services in Automation, IOT, Branding and Promotion work and Web Mobile App Development.

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