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Premier League European qualification 2019-20: Which teams will qualify for the Champions League and Europa League?



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The English Premier League is one of the continent’s top divisions, with its clubs routinely contending at the last stages of both of UEFA’s flagship club competitions, so the league’s coefficient is strong. There are only two rounds of Premier League matches staying as the clubs attempt and secure their spots in next season’s European competitions. Making sure about a place in the Champions League or Europa League carries impressive financial rewards to teams because of the related support cash and sponsorship helps.

Monday’s news that the Court of Arbitration for Sport had overturned the two-season boycott handed out to Manchester City by UEFA has left their adversaries scrambling, realizing that a fifth-place finish will never again be sufficient to make sure about Champions League football.

City will complete second this season, so they alongside champions Liverpool have ensured their place in next season’s Champions League.

Champions League qualification race

Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester United are the front runners, with Chelsea (as of now in third) requiring four points to make sure about their place, however they face precarious fixtures against Wolves and Liverpool in their staying two games.

Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester recorded a 2-0 win over Sheffield United on Thursday to remain above Manchester United, and should win their two outstanding matches to make certain of qualification.

They face United on the final day – and play away at Tottenham before that – yet that meeting with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side is probably going to decide their destiny.

Manchester United are in a similar circumstance and face West Ham before they meet the Foxes having succeeded at Crystal Palace on Thursday.

Chelsea, Leicester and Manchester United are guarenteed to make sure about Europa League football at the very least.

Wolves trusts slimmed dramatically after they controversially dropped points against Burnley. They should beat Crystal Palace and Chelsea and expectation different outcomes go their direction. They can anyway qualify by winning the Europa League – a course additionally accessible to Manchester United.

Tottenham and Sheffield United are presently mathematically out of contention for a Champions League spot.

Be that as it may, we could yet confront the circumstance where just the top three qualify. Should two English sides win this present season’s Champions League and Europa, and finish outside the top four, they will qualify.

On the off chance that Leicester City and Manchester United completion in fourth and fifth, level on points, goal difference and goals scored, at that point it goes down to head-to-head record (considering in away goals). United won 1-0 at Old Trafford in September. Furthermore, if Leicester imitated that outcome with a success 1-0 on the final day then they would require a play-off to decide who completes fourth.

1Liverpool (c)3630334893
2Man City3624395875
4Leicester City36188103162
5Man Utd36171182862

Europa League qualification

Arsenal kept their expectations of qualifying by means of the League alive with their shock prevail upon Liverpool, yet they remain the outsiders in spite of conclusive fixtures against Aston Villa and Watford. Be that as it may, they can in any case book their place in the Europa League by winning the FA Cup.

They are by all account not the only side who can profit by the FA Cup however. Should the possible winners finish inside the top six, at that point seventh spot will qualify for the Europa League. Man City, Chelsea and Manchester United are the other four sides left in the competition.

Wolves required three successes from three to make sure about their place, however drew at against Burnley on Wednesday. In any case, on the off chance that seventh place qualifies, at that point two successes in their final games will be sufficient.

Tottenham’s success at Newcastle kept them in contention, yet they should beat Leicester City and Crystal Palace and expectation that Wolves drop more points.

Following their defeat to Leicester, Sheffield United need Wovles or Tottenham to drop points in the event that they are to qualify for the Europa League for the first time.

Burnley are the outsiders. Their point against Wolves implies they should win their staying two games and expectation A LOT of different outcomes go their direction.

At least one of Chelsea, Leicester or Manchester United will be in the Europa League, obviously.

4Leicester City36188103162
5Man Utd36171182862
8Sheffield Utd36141210354

In the event that Chelsea overturn their 3-0 first leg deficit to Bayern Munich and proceed to win the Champions League, and finish outside the top four, at that point five English sides will contend in Europe’s premier competition, with 6th and 7th entering the Europa League.

With City having just qualified, winning the completion won’t impact the Premier League.

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the Europa League? Should Manchester United or Wolves win the Europa League however finish inside the top four then just four sides will contend in the Champions League, yet should they finish outside the top four five teams will enter.

Furthermore, ought to Chelsea win the Champions League AND Manchester United or Wolves win the Europa League – and neither completion in the top four – at that point just the top three will qualify for the Champions League.

To complicate things much further, UEFA regulations propose the Premier League could have eight teams in Europe if that occurred and one of them didn’t complete in the top six or seven – or nine on the off chance that the two of them fail to.

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