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Akeem Mair is Up For This, Being an American fan of Barclays, the Premier League, and Newcastle United 



Akeem Mair

Josef Momjian owner of Soccer Plus with Akeem Mair

Supporting his soccer side, Newcastle United, in the United States is Akeem Mair, a Barclays/Premier League supporter! His love for the squad began after seeing “Goal,” one of his all-time favorite movies, in 2005. Santiago Munez, the main character, had to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges—even his father—to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer for Newcastle. Akeem’s tenacity and tenacity allowed him to pursue his aspirations of becoming a successful actor. And the movie taught Akeem never to give up, no matter how difficult it may be to realize his dreams. After seeing the film about them, Akeem was interested in discovering more about the squad and league.

Akeem found Allan Saint-Maximin through his devotion to the squad, and he quickly established him as one of his favorite soccer players. Allan’s #10 Newcastle United jersey, which was exceedingly difficult to get in California, was something Akeem desired to own. None of the sporting goods shops had his jersey in stock. After unsuccessfully contacting various sporting goods stores, Akeem phoned Soccer Plus Sports Shop at 1640 E Washington Blvd in Pasadena. One of the friendliest sports store owners Akeem has ever encountered is the owner, Josef Momjian! He didn’t have the uncommon jersey for him, so he made Saint-#10 Maximins out of an actual Newcastle United jersey. Customers are engrossed in Josef’s stories about his amazing and entertaining soccer exploits.

Finding others who share your interests can be difficult if you’re a Barclays/Premier League fan in America. Akeem is from a family of ardent Lakers supporters! Football, basketball, hockey, or baseball are the four sports that most Americans enjoy! Therefore, Akeem typically watches live Newcastle games by himself and has established a special game-day ritual. Akeem typically gets up early to plug his Amazon fire stick into the television and watch Newcastle United matches. It enabled him to see the live soccer matches on his television because the cable didn’t have the stations. Then he pauses it and goes to the Altadena McDonald’s at Lincoln Avenue and Woodbury Road to get his Big Mac, large fries, and sweet tea. After that, he will return home and put on the #10 jersey of Allan Saint-Maximin. Akeem then makes his way back into the living room with his lunch and puts on the TV to watch Newcastle United! I’m game for this! #upforthis

He was nominated for the Barclays/Premier League Social: #UpForThis project by my agent Sarah Angeli at Commercial Talent Agency in Studio City. She noticed the casting by Genuine Casting and recognised Akeem as a die-hard supporter of Newcastle United. She thought it was wonderful of him to express his enthusiasm for the Premier League and the squad. 

Producer Danielle Banalov from Arnold Worldwide contacted him on April 2 to discuss the Barclays/Premier League fan project. The email said, “I’m so happy to inform you that my creative team enjoyed your initial fan video submission and have requested to hear a little more from you about your experience as an American Premier League fan. He was ecstatic and jumped with excitement at the information. He prepared for the callback and booked a meeting. To the callback, Akeem was decked out in his Newcastle United jersey from Allan Saint-Maximin. Everyone was ecstatic!

Congratulations!” Danielle’s email to Akeem on April 8th read. I’m thrilled to let you know that we’ve chosen your story to be included in the next Barclays/PL social project, which will spotlight fan stories from all over the US. Our creative team and clients adored your narrative! Akeem was so excited! He couldn’t believe he had made the reservation! Akeem remembers being too eager when filming the project the following Monday while wearing his Allan Saint-Maximin Newcastle United jersey. This was a good experience, thanks to Genuine Casting and Arnold Worldwide. When he was with them, he was happy.

The project was completed on June 7th, and Akeem was pleased with how the movies turned out. He expressed his admiration for the Barclays/Premier League and my New Castile team with gratitude and honor. I’m #upforthis

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