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Wesley Mair and Akeem Mair participated in the Adcouncil “Do IT For Me” PSA campaign, which won a gold award from the Anthem Awards




The Ad Council Covid-19 PSA “Do It For Me” Deutsch LA carried out the #Doitforme Campaign, and it won Gold at the Anthem Awards in the Non-Profit Health Campaign area! Steelhead, a Los Angeles, California-based video production firm, directed and produced the advertisement. It’s an honor that the position was chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, a group of diverse experts and social effect leaders collaborating to improve our world. 

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are leading an extensive communications campaign to inform Americans and foster trust in the COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative, led by the brightest minds in science and medicine and powered by the finest talent in the private sector, is intended to reach various audiences, including communities of color that COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted. 

The “It’s Up to You” and “Do It For Me” campaigns are here to start the discussions about raising knowledge of Covid vaccines, and they’ll make sure that Americans have timely access to accurate information to address their queries and worries about vaccine side effects, efficacy, and clinical trials. We aim to change the public’s attitude toward vaccines from one of worry to one of confidence!

Akeem Mair and his sibling Wesley Mair were presented to the Vaccine Conversations PSA project by Sarah Angeli, the brilliant and tenacious Commercial Talent’s Agent. Huge thanks to Sergio and Brigid McBride at McBride Casting! Within an hour of submitting their application, they received the interview, so they truly gave them the chance of a lifetime!

Wesley and Akeem always disagree regarding the Covid-19 vaccinations, so this was the ideal undertaking for the brothers. Wesley opposes it, while Akeem supports it. Akeem thinks that the nation’s reopening of eateries, companies, schools, and entertainment venues helps people get immunized. On the other hand, Wesley has a different viewpoint and is more worried about the negative adverse effects of vaccines. 

Wesley is also concerned because none of the immunizations were FDA-approved at the time. Akeem emphasizes that the vaccines have helped millions of people while having no negative adverse effects. Akeem also mentions well-known individuals who pleaded for the vaccination, such as Tommy Lister Jr., who had asthma and knew that the Covid-19 virus would kill him. Tommy Lister Jr., unfortunately, died from Covid-19 before ever receiving the vaccine. 

What is your greatest fear? Director Eric Kaufman questioned Akeem. He needed a moment to understand its message fully. But he already knew in his heart that losing his brother Wesley was one of those options. Since the day he was born, he has been my best friend. I would lose it if I lost him to Covid. Akeem truly did cry when he said, “I meant it!” Because he wanted his brother and the world to know how much he loved him, Akeem could not control his emotions or wipe them from his eyes. 

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