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Akeem Mair and Lauren Pomerantz Funny Encounter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Segment “Speak The Lyrics”



Akeem Mair and Lauren Pomerantz Funny Encounter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Segment Speak The Lyrics

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Ellen Show was among the most watched programs available on television. Consequently, everyone realizes Akeem Mair‘s potential to become a celebrity after he becomes a phenomenon on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

I was in an acting lesson when it occurred to me. Every five minutes, my phone would go berserk with a buzzing sound. When I was on The Ellen Show, my friends and family bombarded me with texts like, “you were on The Ellen Show??? Text me! They were pleased to see me on the comedy show “Speak The Lyrics,” which airs regularly.

As a direct consequence of his participation in David Rountree’s “On Set/On Camera” course, in which participants were educated on the value of acting naturally while being filmed, he could not go to the event in question. It didn’t even occur to him until after they had already begun recording that they were doing it for Ellen’s show; before that, he was completely unaware that they were doing so for her show. He was oblivious to the situation. 

A few months ago, he went to the Barnes & Noble establishment in Burbank, California. When he saw a large film crew congregating outside, he voiced his curiosity about what was going on by asking, “What the heck is going on?” In addition, no one will admit that they have any comprehension of what is going on in this circumstance, and they deny that they have any. After looking around for a while, he came across an album by 2Pac, which was the impetus for him to make a complete about-face and leave the store. At that precise moment, Lauren presented herself to the audience.

In this amusing piece, a few of Ellen DeGeneres’ writers meet with a random person in public while concealed cameras capture their interaction. The catch is that authors can only utilize song lyrics to initiate a conversation with a stranger. The most amusing parts of these skits typically involve the target character’s reactions to the increasingly illogical statements being made to them. In the case of Akeem Mair, the show’s producers were using lines from Taylor Swift’s song “Me!”

He can’t forget it. Believe in yourself no matter what, and listen to and learn from constructive criticism since this is Coach Mike’s number one piece of advice. He put his signature on some papers and then watched it air on Ellen, which was deemed “the best episode she’s ever seen!”

Akeem Mair, the seasoned actor he is, behaved confidently and comfortably as he engaged the show’s writer in a discussion that made no sense at all, in contrast to the strangers shown in previous episodes of the segment who tend to shy away from the situation. To his astonishment, Akeem’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was a hit with viewers, and he became an overnight sensation on the internet.

The Ellen Show’s video featuring Akeem Mair has been viewed over 700,000 times on YouTube and over 5 million times on Instagram. Sarah Angeli of Commercial Talent Agency saw Akeem Mair’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show since it appeared in her Instagram feed. 

I sent her my CV and some headshots the week before, so the timing was great. So, when I arrived in her office for my agent meeting, she was already playing my episode on her computer. I saw this yesterday, and here you are!” she said. We both grinned and laughed as she played it again. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was marked by God’s favor.

According to Akeem Mair, “I realized that life is an unexpected audition, especially in the land of Hollywood. Opportunities might arise at any time, so you should constantly be prepared.

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