Rapper And Music Director CanonF8 Attracts Massive Fan Following

If music is an art, there’s a new expert artist in town. His name is CanonF8. He is an emerging phenomenal artist expert in the rap and hip-hop genre whose songs have been making the rounds on social media lately!

CanonF8 has sung rap songs such as Big Body, No CHANEL, Could Neva, and Back AGAIN!. Could Neva is amongst the most famous of his songs at the moment. CanonF8’s rap is available on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud. His songs are also available on Deezer and YouTube Music as well.

Within a short span of time, CanonF8 has built a fan following for himself. He has over 55k followers on Instagram, a verified Spotify artist account with thousands of streams, his mentions in leading publications such as Complex, Pitchfork, and Hip-Hop. He has been noticed by many top artists and studios to date and has learned the nuances of rap music through observation, experience, and practice.

CanonF8 has worked with elite billboard-ranking music artists in his short career. Being just 24 years old, he seems a promising new talent in the music industry. He takes delight in scripting vocals, composing lyrics, and rapping.

CanonF8’s rapping skills are on the next level. The lyrics are unique and embedded with a spark from start to end in all his performances. He is also a music director and has directed rap songs that garnered over 55 million views.

With more amazing projects in the pipeline from the side of CanonF8, the music industry is definitely stirred and pumped up for the takeoff of this hot prospect.

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