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Rapper Amoré King has a platform that is taking off.



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Rap can be a very ego driven genre. The labels push imagery of bad boys with braggadocious lines and machismo dripping to the masses. The masses often respond by supporting the artists in droves. Rapper Amoré King certainly has the braggadocious lines, skill, and confidence befitting of another Louisville native, Muhammad Ali. His approach to business though, is more closely related to that of Bernie Sanders.

Amoré King has been finding success as a rapper. With radio play, streams, merch sales, and more it’s easy to “stunt” on other rappers in the process. Amoré King, instead has started “Dope Tho”. Dope Tho is a music platform predominantly focused on national news while also giving exposure to indie artist. Artist from around the U.S. send their music to the platform for album reviews. For more high-profile artists there’s the potential for feature pieces.  To execute all this while still dropping music of his own Amoré enlist a small but dedicated team of music lovers. Lead by Bri Renee and King Acklin the entire team come together and help put artist on the map. As to what’s the incentive for Amoré, it’s simply the love of the culture.  Amoré King stated “I believe I can help push the culture forward by helping to expose more dope talent to the word. Especially talent for NC and KY. Those are two places I hold dear.”

Gearing up to drop his 1st release since 2019 Amoré is in overdrive. The single, titled “Nights in the West” is a brooding and menacing track with clever metaphors and a dazzling flow. With no chorus Amoré King goes for the gusto for two minutes plus. “It was important to me to do what got me here. I gained popularity as a lyricist with commercial flair. Now that I’m releasing new music, I want to get back with what got me here but add a splash of the unexpected. “He stated. “I want Dope Tho to be the same way. We’re going to build this platform up by doing what the people love and the way our whole team loves music, I couldn’t think of better people to do it with.”

You can follow Amoré King on Spotify and Instagram to keep up with his latest moves and releases. 

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