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Reddit Upvotes: What and Why?



Reddit Upvotes What and Why

With about 1.6 billion monthly users, Reddit has rightfully earned the title of one of the top social media platforms all over the globe. Despite billions of users, only very few make it to the list of top content creators; upvotes are the sole criterion for their glory.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a US-based social media website that is primarily used to share content in various forms. You can use Reddit to share text, images, videos, links, and many more. It helps people to keep up with global trends, news, etc.

What is Reddit Upvote?

Upvote is the option for Reddit users to judge any post made public by someone on Reddit. Below every post made, two arrows, one downwards and one upwards, are available. The upward arrow indicates upvote and the downward arrow means downvote.

Each viewer who sees a post can record their opinion on the post by clicking on either the upvote or the downvote option. The upvote option indicates that the viewer appreciates and thinks of the post positively.

Why is Reddit Upvote Important?

  • Boosts the Reddit account growth of the user.
  • Posts that earn high upvotes will go viral and gain popularity for the user.
  • Help the account owner get paid promotions, brand collaborations, affiliated marketing opportunities, etc.

Having high upvotes is like having a good reputation on Reddit. All your income opportunities and Reddit social life center around upvotes.

Benefits of Reddit Upvotes

As mentioned before, upvotes are the sole criteria that help you judge the popularity and reach of a Reddit account.

High upvotes give the users more visibility than their fellow users. High visibility means an increased number of income opportunities.

When you start earning a solid number of upvotes, you have created an audience community that trusts and follows everything you post. Having such a large community behind you would enable you to earn more reputation and competitive advantage on the platform.

Where to Find the Upvotes for Various Posts?

As upvotes are vital in analyzing the popularity and reach of an account, Reddit users often check the upvotes they have earned in each of their posts. You can easily find the upvotes and the comments that you have earned for your past posts by following the steps below.

  • Go to your Reddit application.
  • Click on your profile avatar to open the options.
  • Choose the My Profile option.
  • Click on the Votes option.
  • Now, each of your past posts and the upvotes earned by them appear on the screen.
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