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Reddit includes new features to increase user engagement; real-time conversation features, live upvote counts, and more



Reddit includes new features to increase user engagement real time conversation features live upvote counts and more

Reddit is once more rolling out certain improvements and including features to create it more modern and competitive with other social websites and apps.

For a long time, comment and vote counts on Reddit posts would possibly update when you revived the page or you were the person upvoting or downvoting something. Presently, a small animation will play each time somebody upvotes or downvotes a post, and the number will update in real-time regardless of whether you refresh the page.

Likewise, a new comment dropdown pill will let you know the number of new comments that have been added as you view the post. “When a redditor clicks on the new comment indicator, the comments will sort by new and highlight live comments in real-time,” Reddit said in a blog post.

There will likewise be mysterious indicators taking note of the number of individuals who are as of now reading a post and the number of are as of now typing a response to any current comment you’re going to answer to.
This is the kind of thing we’ve seen in numerous other social apps already. For example, Facebook has since a long time ago had a typing indicator to let you know when your friends are setting up a message or comment for you.

The new features all serve pretty much a similar reason: making Reddit posts more active, with live updates that both update users as often as possible on the thing is changing in a discussion as they view it and urge clients to connect more. (On-page engagement is a key metric that apps and websites track to pass judgment on the success of the content or platform.)

It’s difficult to exaggerate the impact Reddit has on the Internet at large, but the social network has attempted to adapt its users similarly to its rivals, and it lingers behind rivals in some performance indicators, similar to engagement.

These progressions make its expanding focus on live engagement clear, and they probably aren’t the last we’ll see pushing the platform this specific way.

The progressions started carrying out to all iOS, Android, and web users today. The new features are simply accessible to clients who are using the new Reddit design. While you can in any case get too old Reddit, it will not be getting any updates—henceforth, “old” Reddit.

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