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Slime ISEKAI Memories earns more than 100 million USD in revenue since its launch



Slime ISEKAI Memories earns more than 100 million USD in revenue since its launch

Since its simultaneous release in Japan and Global on 28 October last year, Slime ISEKAI Memories has earned over 100 million USD in revenue. To be explicit, the game has acquired 107,864,520 USD as indicated by data from AppMagic.

Likewise, with most mobile games, the main part of the revenue comes from the game’s most memorable month of its launch. The most recent spike in revenue in the half year came from the half-anniversary event of Slime ISEKAI Memories. For players of the game, you might perceive that as the Space element banner, which added the overwhelmed Masked Hero.

While separating into every country, Japan leads in basically every category by a country mile, offering over 80% of the game’s 107 million USD figure. This is trailed by the United States, contributing 10.7 million USD, and South Korea with 2.3 million USD. This ranking is additionally reflected as far as the number of downloads, with Japanese players downloading the game 1,380,775, the USA with 574,587 downloads, and South Korea with 192,696 downloads.

Concerning the average revenue per user (ARPU), Japan by and by stands out with every client spending 61.44 USD by and large, over two times the ARPU of second-placed Hong Kong at 30.11 USD.

We chose to look at the revenue of Slime ISEKAI Memories with that of Alchemy Stars since the two games are rare cases of gacha games releasing at the same time in all regions. Regardless of Alchemy Stars releasing a couple of months earlier, Slime ISEKAI Memories has raked in much higher revenue. This is considerably seriously astonishing since Alchemy Stars trumps Slime ISEKAI Memories as far as downloads in their launch month.

Indeed, even without the allure of a laid-out anime IP backing it, it very well may be gathered that Alchemy Stars had superior marketing. In its initial 30 days, the game had 2 million downloads. Slime Isekai Memories required over a month to accomplish a similar milestone.

It’s likewise significant that the average Slime ISEKAI Memories player spends beyond twofold what the average Alchemy Stars player spends, with an ARPU of 30.13 USD instead of 14.4 USD.

Note that the data we shared from AppMagic ought not to be utilized as an objective indication of each game’s quality. With respect to Slime ISEKAI Memories, we’re eager to see what sort of spike the game will get during its first-anniversary celebration.


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