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Playpark Launchpad 2022: Discover epic new worlds with Playpark’s 2022 lineup of new and upcoming mobile and PC games



Playpark Launchpad 2022

Playpark, Inc. a subsidiary of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, announced the release of their approaching online games, specifically Elyon SEA-Ascent Infinite Realm, Dream of a New World SEA, Tera Classic SEA, and Noah’s Heart SEA.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of these online games, Playpark, Inc. organized an epic on-ground media and press event in the Philippines, entitled Playpark Launchpad 2022 last June 23. This is PlayPark’s most memorable on-ground media event after over two years because of the global pandemic, and an approach to reconnect with their media partners.

The media, press, and welcomed forces to be reckoned with were treated to receive fun exercises, games, and prizes from brand partners like Klean Kanteen. Questions and updates about the new game release dates were additionally concerned with the welcomed visitors for this round table event.

PlayPark Launchpad 2022 is the consequence of the company’s partnerships with associations with notable game developers and publishers to carry extraordinary games to a greater audience. Thanks to continued improvements in game accessibility, be it from game download websites or even actual platforms like smartphones, gamers have enjoyed a remarkable assortment of game titles and genres.

The MMORPG genre is one of the primaries really online gaming experiences for players, and thanks to PlayPark Launchpad 2022, the community can anticipate more titles to test and appreciate with their companions. From easygoing and nostalgic to challenging and hardcore, these titles coming from PlayPark will sure to awaken the MMO gamer in you!

Here is a list of what’s expected from PlayPark:

Elyon SEA-Ascent Infinite Realm

Elyon is a steampunk-style MMORPG created by Krafton. The game spotlights the battle between two realms, Vulpin and Ontari. The two factions battle each other in enormous fights thanks to the game’s non-target battle system. Discover the massive realm vs realm fights in Elyon’s epic open world which join aerial and land-based combat. Pick the combat field and join your partners in the quest for glory.

Dream of a New World SEA

Dream of a New World blends turn-based RPG battle with dynamic graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 to bring an epic world to life. Catch and develop pets to acquire strong capacities to help your team, and decorate your home and village with your guildmates! Take part in cross-server PvP fights to demonstrate your skills, and show your power by turning into the big hill of your server!.

TERA Classic SEA

TERA Classic is an open-world mobile MMORPG in view of the well-known PC game TERA Online. TERA Classic holds the classic charm of the first game too and has been recognized as a reliable port of the PC form that holds key highlights of the first game.

Noah’s Heart SEA

Noah’s Heart is a mobile game created utilizing Unreal Engine 4 technology and permits players to investigate the world openly. Submerge yourself in the diverse atmosphere, landscapes, and locations. Face many monsters and NPCs, all of which can connect with players, and furthermore summon a sidekick pet Phantom to help battle too.

What’s more, Noah’s Heart has a unique day-night and weather system inside the game, giving players a virtual encounter to investigate the world in a natural manner. Players in Noah’s Heart can decide to customize their personalities, hairstyles, and poses distinctively.

PlayPark was additionally eager to announce the long-term partnership with PC Express, one of the country’s highest tech and gadget retail brands. Continuously steady in gaming, PC Express has been working with brands, companies, streamers, and gamers, all things considered, to furnish them with the most recent gadgets, hardware, and peripherals to ensure everybody games at their absolute best.

Thanks to this partnership, gamers can expect advancement tie-ups, as well as selective gadget and peripheral packages to be announced and launched on PlayPark and PC Express platforms to match with the release of the impending games.

Make certain to follow the Official PC Express Facebook page and look at their official website for additional details on their advancements. Likewise, look at the official PlayPark Facebook page for the most recent news and updates.

PlayPark fortifies the game lineup with updates, events, and the ultimate reunion party

While PlayPark is planning to invite the new games under its banner, the organization is likewise supporting its ongoing crop of very much cherished games with new updates, in-game and community events, as well as a return of on-ground events fans have missed.

Tryout Next Level and Club Audition Mobile

Aspiring songwriters, this is your opportunity for your specialty to be remembered for a video game! Audition Next Level presents AudiTunes Season 2, the songwriting contest for the hit rhythm dance on PC and mobile! Get your instruments out, your thinking caps on, and whip a catchy dance track that celebrates life and fun! You can send your entrances beginning June 25 until August 2022.

P50,000 and having the winning track show up in Audition Next Level AND Club Audition Mobile await, so make certain to look at the PlayPark site for updates on the official rules and details! This is additionally Club Audition Mobile’s initial anniversary present to the community, as they will celebrate their birthday on July 22, 2022!

Perfect World

The Monkey King is coming to Perfect World! The June 22 update brings Yao Hou, the titular Monkey King, to the game. Players will actually want to unlock this character and bring him along to quickly play in the reworked Territorial Wars. With new gameplay mechanics and prizes, this catch-the-flag-styled game mode is certainly going to get a lot of players interested!

At last, the new update presents the 8th Apex Sky dropping out of the boundary. Players can have their personality go through resurrection for the 8th time to achieve more power when they arrive at a max level once more!

RF Online

Protonexus is the third and last installment of the RF Online seasonal servers. Boasting the most elevated server-wide rates, Protonexus modifiers go as high as x50% on Animus EXP. Veterans and new players attempting the restricted time seasonal servers will likewise be blessed to receive new restricted release ornaments by simply playing on the server. Protonexus likewise presents the greatest Chipbreaker Challenge prize pool in an RF Online seasonal server: PHP 50,000 and enormous boasting privileges to the winner!


Following four years, Flyff is getting another pair of wings with v22, the most recent huge substance update for the game. Now is the right time to fly higher and stronger with an increased level cap of 190 from the past 170. Flyffers will require it since this update likewise presents the Floating Castle dungeon. New armor sets, gear, and fashion items things await brave explorers yet that is not all.

V22 additionally invites the Shade Server where players can encounter the game in its most perfect structure: no modifiers, simply unadulterated tomfoolery like in the days of yore. To make the experience really fascinating, all current and future Flyff servers will feature all new monsters going from level 178 to 188, prepared to test anybody who actually thinks about jumping into the new content.

Cabal Online and Cabal Mobile

One of the longest-running and most famous PC MMORPGs in the Philippines, Cabal Online is celebrating serious areas of strength for 14 in the Pinoy gaming scene! DOM1N4TION, the 14th Cabal Online Anniversary party, starts off on June 25, 2022. Join CABAListas both old and new for an online party loaded up with music, games, and prizes.

To celebrate Cabal Online’s 14th birthday celebration, the PlayPark Cabal team has additionally released Episode XXIX: Terminus Machina. Featuring an all-new prison to investigate and foes to battle, Terminus Machina is an extraordinary challenge to newbies and veterans the same and commitments incredible plunder for every individual who finishes this most recent content.

Cabal Mobile is set to celebrate its most memorable birthday on August 26, 2022! Check out the official Facebook page of Cabal Mobile to be quick to be familiar with the in-game and community events for this fabulous celebration!

For more information on every one of the games’ most recent updates, look at the official PlayPark site and Facebook page

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