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Social media revenue and growth analyst Ratnesh Kumar puts light on social media monetization



Ratnesh Kumar

The CEO and Founder of Vansh Entertainment says that it is an art and a skill to understand how to generate revenue from the audience on social media.

Among many aspects that people have come to know about the social media realm and the whole of the digital space, many have also understood how they can monetize their pages and handles to make revenues out of the content they create as influencers, celebrities, brands and more. It is thus imperative to here take the viewpoint of a rising social media monetization and growth analyst who is also a digital creator and celebrity/artist manager; we are talking about Ratnesh Kumar, the brain behind Vansh Entertainment (@vansh01_official), which has been on a constant growth pedestal as a marketing and management company since the last few years.

Putting more light on social media monetization, Ratnesh Kumar says social media monetization is all about how people generate revenue from their audience on social media. This happens through content creation and promotions on social media channels or even in the buying process when the audience turns into paying customers. 

He gives out a few ways to monetize social media, learning from his experiences and expertise in the field.

  • Choose to go premium with your offering: In the beginning, when influencers and brands are still building their audience, content without question must be provided for free through posts and reels. However, after reaching a certain desired audience, they can offer their products/services for a price. For example, subscription businesses, where businesses offer services free on YouTube and give a 7-day free trial on their OTT.
  • Focus on lead generation: People who follow the posts and content of influencers and brands can go to a link posted by them, which may want them to fill out an email form. Suddenly this viewer turns into a qualified lead who is on his/her way to making the purchase. People can also set their followers up in a way that can encourage them to buy in the future. This can be done through promoting virtual events, webinars, etc., that can bring followers to the website or landing pages.
  • Do more video marketing: Ratnesh Kumar also suggests doing more video marketing for the best social media monetization, leading people to interact with the product/service. It takes a marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Ratnesh Kumar (@ratnesh25_official) also points out how providing a direct CTA on social media and even sponsorships can reach the target demographic and bring them to a website and landing pages.

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