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Some important points that every singer or vocal student should follow from Farhad Forootani point of view, a singer with a pleasant voice



Some important points that every singer or vocal student should follow from Farhad Forootani point of view a singer with a pleasant voice

 – Strengthening the voice

 Just as you need strong, powerful hands and fingers to play an instrument, so do you need to sing.

 It requires a strong larynx and sound that can only be achieved with proper practice and under the supervision of a capable master.

 – Find your voice range.

 Finding your voice range is very important because you may not be familiar with the range of your favorite sound.

 It will cause irreparable damage to your voice and also reduce your confidence in reading.

Teaching important reading tips

 – Proper breathing

 One of the most important pillars of a good singer is to breathe properly and have control over it.

 There are many different methods and exercises for breathing that you can learn and practice using a teacher.  Warm up the sound before practicing and reading

 As you play football, you must first take time to warm up, to read

 Also, you must first warm up your voice in the various ways that exist and in a principled way.

 (Take warm-up sound before reading very seriously!).  _Nutrition

 One of the most important things that most students and even readers do not consider is proper nutrition.

 Remember that the larynx is a very sensitive muscle and you should take care of it like your child!  Avoid smoke

 Contrary to popular belief that tobacco does not affect the sound, it should be noted that long-term use

 Tobacco and smoke will cause scratches in your voice and your voice will lose its former quality.

 Avoid tobacco smoke to have a healthy larynx for singing.  The role of water in the quality of sound and larynx

 We always liken the larynx to a plant because the larynx is thirsty for water and to have a fresher larynx.

 And smoother drinking plenty of water should be part of your daily routine.  Drink lukewarm water as much as possible.

 – Strengthen confidence

 The mission of a singer is to perform live and live performance requires high self-confidence;  So try

 Increase your self-confidence, for example by reading in front of your family and friends and in front of a mirror.

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