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Who is Shayan Eshraghi?



Who is Shayan eshraghi

Shayan Eshraghi is one of the prominent Iranian singers.

What is the address of Shayan Eshraghi Instagram page?

His Instagram page address is @shayaneshraghii.

How many followers does Shayan Eshraghi have on Instagram?

 He has more than 400 thousand followers with him.

What field does Shayan Eshraghi work in?

He is one of the famous composers and singers of Iranian music who has been publishing his works in this field for a long time.

What year did Shayan Eshraghi start his activity?

Since 2019, the activities of this singer began seriously.  Of course, before that he was active in music, but his works were published seriously this year.  When he entered the music industry, he was not very famous and did not have much experience.

Therefore, those who follow him are aware that recently he was able to find a high number of downloads because at first he was not well known and many people did not know him, so we recommend that you subscribe to him on  YouTube and follow him on Instagram now, help him become better known

This year was a very good year for Shayan Eshraghi, a successful and well-known singer, and Shayan is currently working with Radio Javan, which is a popular Iranian media, and he publishes music under the label of Radio Javan.

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