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A look at the man behind the viral music videos – Kamal Digiya



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In addition to seeking out and developing a project, independent producers arrange for funding, hire writers, directors, and other key members of the creative team, and supervise pre-production, production, and post-production.
An important part of completing a film is producing it. In pre-production, a producer gathers investment and funding for the project.

When the producer pitches a project, he or she usually assembles a small team of creatives, including a director (if none has been assigned yet) and actors to play leading characters.

Producers who succeed typically secure funding from investors or are approved by production companies or studios for their films or TV shows.

He is a producer and star of music videos that shake the internet. Kamal Digiya, a Haryana native, is one of the best producers of India.

Among Kamal’s many videos are ‘Bandook’, ‘Panghat’, ‘Renuka Panwar’ and ‘Bagdo’. Each music video crossed over a million views within a very short period of time.

Kamal is the owner of NFBI (National Food and Beverage India) has more than 300k followers on Instagram and 50k subscribers on YouTube.


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