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Farshid Aria Uses Music to Transform and Touch Lives



Farshid Aria Uses Music to Transform and Touch Lives

Music is the language of the soul. When words fail to speak for themselves, music has its unique way of comprehending and expressing what is hidden beneath our unrevealed thoughts and enabling us to get in touch with ourselves – both emotionally and spiritually. In other words, music is the literature of the heart.

Taking heed of the unrelenting power of beats and tantalizing notes, Farshid Aria uses music as a means to inspire others and embolden them to climb the summits of success with grace and finesse. For this reason, he dips his toes into the realms of music and entertainment with a noble purpose in mind.

Entering into an industry that is already brimming with legends and highly talented individuals is a daunting task. However, some individuals are brave enough to trudge overwhelming obstacles to achieve their goals despite the cruelty of a competitive industry. Having anchored his dreams into something larger than his selfish pursuits, Farshid Aria dares to face challenges in the eye in order to transform his visionary purpose.

Born with an unparalleled passion for striking a balance between notes and compelling beats, Farshid Aria always manifested his knack for music by playing musical instruments and mashing songs together. Ever since he was a child, Farshid would often find himself in tune with his environment while creating harmonic sequences in his head. Because of the encouragement that he got from his family and friends, Farshid became more and more inspired that he decided to pursue a remarkable career in music.

Farshid Aria

Determined to make his mark in the realms of music and entertainment, Farshid Aria has deliberately spent the next few years building his career. By harnessing his potential and fitting them into the molds of perfection, he has finally proven himself to the world that he is a force to be reckoned with across the music industry. Through his diligent efforts, Farshid Aria transformed his path and became an artist packed with exceptional selections of songs and well-mixed beats. Proving worthy of his stellar image, Farshid has done multiple showstopping events and worked with some of the most prominent Persian artists across the industry, such as Mohsen Chavoshi, Mohsen Yeganeh, Eham, Alireza Talischi, and others.

Having demonstrated his incomparable musical abilities, Farshid Aria takes his career to greater heights by sharing the power of music with the world. This rising artist will soon leave marks of his passion-driven spirit through his beguiling tracks and become the youngest DJ in Iran to ever grace the walls of its concert halls with alluring melodies. Without a doubt, he is bound to inspire others to let loose and be free through music.

According to Farshid Aria, nothing is more rewarding than seeing others become emboldened to face their fears and freely express themselves. With the power of music, he hopes to build a society that is united with each other and unbarred by mishaps and misunderstandings.

To know more about Farshid Aria, you may visit his Instagram.

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