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Blink-182 releases One More Time… on October 20



Blink 182 releases One More Time… on October 20

Blink-182’s to record their first album as a trio since 2011’s Neighborhoods, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge have put aside the little (and huge) things that bothered them. Columbia releases One More Time… on October 20. This coming Thursday, September 21, at 10 a.m. Eastern, the lead single will be released. Check out the track listing, album trailer, in-depth Zane Lowe interview, and more below.

The pop-punk trio released a four-minute trailer on Monday along with the announcement of their upcoming interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and the release of their new album One More Time…, which is due on October 20.

Blink-182 talks about their individual struggles, what kept them apart, and what brought them back together in the video.

Tom DeLonge departed the band in 2015, and Lowe addresses it head-on, saying that many people believed he did so “to become professionally crazy.”

Guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, 47, says, “I found myself in these weird oceans that I definitely didn’t know how to navigate. I definitely didn’t want to hold these guys back in any kind of way.”

“We’re like, ‘f— Tom DeLonge. If he doesn’t like Blink, then f— it,'” Hoppus, 51, recalls.

Tom DeLonge adds, “I remember telling my wife now, like, well I don’t think I’m ever going to play music again. I don’t think I’m ever going to tour again until Mark told me he was sick, and then that was the only thing I wanted to do.”

Hoppus continued by describing how chemotherapy left his voice chords injured and left him “a hollow shell” after receiving his stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma diagnosis in April 2021.

“Chemotherapy wrecked my vocal cords,” the bassist/vocalist reveals. “I had to go to work with a vocal coach to get to the point where we could go and walk onstage at Coachella [in April].”

The 47-year-old Barker talks about the significance of the band’s title track “One More Time” and the sad events that brought the band back together. Barker survived a plane disaster in 2008 that gave him a dread of flying.

“Why does it take these catastrophes, like me being in a plane crash or me being sick, for our band to get back together?” he wonders in the video.

“I always knew that the brotherhood wouldn’t ever deteriorate or wouldn’t be there,” the drummer concludes. “I really feel like Blink is us three, and as soon as we accept that and we don’t settle for anything less than that, I just think that’s the future.”

Along with “One More Time” and its related video, the complete interview with Lowe will be made available on Thursday, September 21.

According to a press release, Barker produced One More Time…, which shows “the band at the top of their game, layering in themes of tragedy, triumph, and most importantly, brotherhood.”

Back in April, Blink-182 made an unexpected appearance at Coachella, where the legendary band headlined the second weekend when Frank Ocean withdrew. The classic lineup’s first performance since 2015, that reunion came after Blink-182’s comeback in October with the song “Edging.”

A month earlier, Blink-182 was scheduled to tour South America, but the dates were postponed when Barker needed finger surgery due to an injury.

The band postponed tour dates this month due to a family emergency, specifically because Barker’s wife, Kourtney Kardashian, had surgery. Later, he returned to the tour.

This month, Blink-182 began teasing a new song when a video and posters promoting the band’s website surfaced. A digital clock flashing at today’s time, 9:21, could be seen on a landing page.

For the first time since 2015, Blink-182 performed as a band at Coachella in April. On May 4, their world tour began. The band will be on the road until April 6, 2024, despite having to postpone several concerts because Barker’s wife Kourtney Kardashian had to undergo “a life-threatening emergency surgery.”

For the complete tracklist, see below.

  • “Anthem Part 3”
  • “Dance with Me”
  • “Fell in Love”
  • “Terrified”
  • “One More Time”
  • “More Than You Know”
  • “Turn This Off!”
  • “When We Were Young”
  • “Edging”
  • “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”
  • “Blink Wave”
  • “Bad News”
  • “Hurt (Interlude)”
  • “Turpentine”
  • “F— Face”
  • “Other Side”
  • “Childhood”
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