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Rogers: The Musical Original Cast Recording by Disney is Now Available for You to Hear



Rogers The Musical Original Cast Recording by Disney is Now Available for You to Hear

Following the show’s performance at Disneyland, Walt Disney Records makes the Rogers: The Musical Original Cast Recording available for streaming on various platforms.

Following performances at Disneyland’s Hyperion Theater earlier this year, Rogers: The Musical Original Cast Recording by Walt Disney Records has brought Captain America’s musical story to streaming services.

There are many reasons to visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but distinctive original music isn’t typically one of them. But Rogers: The Musical, a cheesy Hamilton rip-off that gave a shortened version of Chris Evans’ Captain America’s narrative, is one of the more successful attempts to add music to the movies, if only because viewers seemed to like its brief cameo in Hawkeye’s pilot. Disney even brought it to its theme parks for the summer because of how well it did, which is why Disney is now making the album available for streaming.

The 12-track album from Rogers’ most recent performance at Disney’s California Adventure Park’s Hyperion Theater was made available by Marvel at the start of the weekend. The CD contains five brand-new original songs that were written especially for the production, which goes beyond the novelty of being an MCU musical. Talking to Marvel, composer Christopher Lennertz (who previously scored both seasons of Agent Carter back in the day) called the creation of the new tracks “important…to continue the best of both Avengers and Broadway traditions. The score has memorable melodies and a huge scope of instrumentation that match the iconic presence of our hero.”

12 songs from Captain America’s story’s theatrical adaption are included on the soundtrack. Songs from Captain America: The First Avenger’s “Star-Spangled Man” and Disney+’s Hawkeye’s “Save the City” are among the thirty-minute musical’s highlights. The soundtrack also includes five brand-new songs that were composed especially for the production by Grammy Award-winning lyricist Jordan Peterson, Christopher Lennertz, and Alex Karukas. Matthew P. Shelby collaborates with Lennertz and Karukas to produce the record.

Rogers should make for good background music for other activities at half an hour, especially with the addition of some new songs. It might be especially beneficial for people who missed it in Disneyland over the summer or for anyone who wants to utilize it as a cute gimmick for Halloween. But will hearing it in a car or a living room make you feel the same sense of absurdity and squirm at something that’s somehow intended to be bad? Rogers: The Musical, which is currently accessible on services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, will depend on those who listen to it.

Rogers: The Musical Transforms Music into Action

The musical chronicles Steve Rogers’ journey through time as he transforms into Captain America. Rogers is joined in the musical by Peggy Carter, while Nick Fury and a few Avengers members also make guest appearances. Rogers’ life is covered throughout the drama, from his modest beginnings to his leadership of the Avengers and battles for the Infinity Stones. Lennertz discussed bringing the songs to life and making them pleasurable for fans in a Marvel news release.

“It was important to us to continue the best of both Avengers and Broadway traditions, infusing humor, heart, and heroic action into the music,” stated Lennertz. “The music’s catchy tunes and a broad range of instruments are a perfect match for our hero’s iconic personality. Big band jazz, modern funk, classic orchestra, and more will be played for the audience.

Rogers: The Musical, which recounts the life of Captain America, was really inspired by the opening scene of Hawkeye’s debut episode, which featured a Broadway musical theater scene. We had the idea to bring Rogers: The Musical to life at the Disneyland Resort “the moment we saw ‘Save the City’ performed in the Hawkeye series on Disney+.”

Dan Fields, the company’s executive creative director, stated. “I’m thrilled that audiences got to experience the humor, heroism, and heart of that show on stage at the Hyperion Theater.” The theater reopened in 2023 for Rogers: The Musical’s brief engagement, which ran from June 30 to August 31, 2023.

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