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Spotify and YouTube apps won’t work with Apple’s Vision Pro when it first launches



Spotify and YouTube apps won't work with Apple's Vision Pro when it first launches

Upon receiving their headsets in February, the first users of Apple’s Vision Pro headsets will discover that several of the most widely used entertainment apps are absent from the app store on the system. Bloomberg claims that Google’s YouTube and Spotify do not currently have any plans to create apps for the device’s visionOS platform. Additionally, a YouTube representative informed the outlet that the iPad app will not currently be able to be downloaded on the headgear. “YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on the Vision Pro at launch,” the representative stated. Regarding Spotify, an insider informed the newspaper that the company had no plans to release an iPad version.

Applications for the iPhone and iPad would appear automatically on the device’s store by default, as MacStories reported in a post enumerating well-known apps that will work with the headset from launch. On the Vision Pro, developers must choose not to allow users to download their apps. Though there are other apps accessible, it’s unclear why YouTube and Spotify have decided not to make theirs available on the headgear. According to earlier reports from Bloomberg, Netflix will also not be releasing a Vision Pro-specific app. Furthermore, Netflix informed the outlet that its iPad app will not be available and that users will need to access the service through the device’s browser. According to a MacStories story, Meta’s Facebook and Instagram may not be available in the Vision Pro app store.

These businesses might have decided to hold off on developing an app just for the $3,500 headgear until they could decide if doing so would be worthwhile. Additionally, if they use the iPad versions of the apps on a device that falls into a completely other category, they could be concerned about dealing with any problems that Vision Pro users might go into. Nevertheless, there are still a ton of entertainment apps available for the first Vision Pro users to pick from, such as Disney+, which grants users access to unique immersive settings that can be used as the backdrop for its shows.

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