St. George’s Day 2021 – Google Doodle celebrates England’s celebration of the Feast of Saint George

Google Doodle celebrates St. George’s Day 2021, also known as the Feast of Saint George 2021, on April 23. It is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by different Christian Churches and by the few countries, kingdoms, nations, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint including Bulgaria, England, Georgia, Portugal, Spain (Catalonia and Aragon).

Saint George’s Day is commonly celebrated on 23 April. Nonetheless, Church of England rules mean that no saints’ day ought to be praised between Palm Sunday and the Sunday after Easter Day so if 23 April falls in that period the celebrations are moved to after it. 23 April is the traditionally accepted date of the saint’s death in the Diocletianic Persecution of AD 303.

In the calendars of the Lutheran Churches, those of the Anglican Communion, and the General Calendar of the Roman Rite, the feast of Saint George is typically celebrated on 23 April.

Since Easter frequently falls near Saint George’s Day, the church celebration of the feast might be moved from 23 April: For 2011, 2014, and 2019 the Lutheran, Anglican, and Catholic calendars observed Saint George’s Day on the first available weekday after the Octave of Easter (see Easter Week) (2 May 2011, 28 April 2014 and 29 or 30 April, respectively).

Other than the 23 April feast, some Orthodox Churches have extra feasts dedicated to St George. The country of Georgia praises the feast of St George on 23 April.

St. George’s Day was a significant feast and national holiday in England on a standard with Christmas from the mid-fifteenth century. The tradition of celebrating St. George’s day had melted away before the finish of the eighteenth century after the union of England and Scotland.

In any case, the link with St. George proceeds with today, for example, Salisbury holds an annual St. George’s Day event, the origins of which are believed to return to the thirteenth century. In recent years the popularity of St. George’s Day seems, by all accounts, to be expanding steadily.

In mid-2009, Mayor of London Boris Johnson initiated a campaign to encourage the celebration of St. George’s Day, and during the 2017 and 2019 General Elections, the Labour Party campaigned for it to be a public holiday. Today, St. George’s day might be celebrated with anything English including morris dancing and Punch and Judy shows.

Saint George is the patron saint of The Scout Movement, which has held St. George’s Day parades since its first years. St. George is the patron saint of numerous different associations. In the United States, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting utilizes the saint for a considerable lot of its awards and activities.

In sport, 23 April is additionally the anniversary of the St. George Dragons Rugby League Football Club. The St. George club adventitiously played their debut New South Wales Rugby League 1st grade match on St. George’s Day, 23 April 1921 at the Sydney Sports Ground in Australia.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, St. George’s Day is a provincial holiday, typically saw on the Monday closest to 23 April.

The Feast of St. George is celebrated excitedly in the Region and the former Kingdom of Aragon and is a regional feast day. On April 23rd, Aragon celebrates its “Día de Aragón” (Day of Aragon) in celebration of the Battle of Alcoraz (Baralla d’Alcoraz in Aragonese), where the city of Huesca was reconquered by the Aragonese army and in which tradition says that St. George showed up at a crucial point in time for the Christian Army.

Google Doodle on St. George’s Day 2021

On April 23, 2021, Google honored St. George’s Day 2021 with a Google Doodle. Today’s Google Doodle artwork was illustrated by U.K.-based guest artist Ruby Fresson.

The legend of St. George follows its roots back to the Middle Ages when 11th-century Crusaders got back to England and shared his admired story of courage and sacrifice.

Accounts praised St. George as a legend who protected a princess as well as a whole city under attack from a fire-breathing dragon! Upon his bold horseback appearance, St. George slew the dragon, a fight scene reproduced in the present Google Doodle artwork.

Rose bushes are said to have developed across the town after the dragon’s defeat and St. George picked a new rose to provide for the saved princess.

Following his prosperity, the townspeople held a gigantic feast in St. George’s honor—a tradition which has been passed down through the ages—as has to give a rose to a friend or family member in certain cultures.

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