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Korean Alphabet Day

Hangul Day 2020: Google Doodle celebrates Korean Hangeul Proclamation Day

Google Doodle celebrates the Korean Alphabet Day, known as Hangul Day (한글날) in South Korea, and Chosŏn’gŭl Day (조선글날) in North Korea or Hangeul Proclamation Day (한글; 조선글) on October 9, 2020. Hangul Day (한글날) is a national Korean commemorative…

Hangeul Day 2019: Google celebrates Korean Alphabet Day with animated Doodle

Today’s Google animated Doodle, made by Seoul-based visitor artists Yunho Lee and Kangin Kim of Studio Kimgarden to reflect a converging of Hangeul and English, celebrates Hangeul Proclamation Day in Korea. Privately known as Hangeulnal, or 한글날, it is the…