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The G Studio Announces Strategic Name Change to Blackbird News




Blackbird News

The G Studio, the world’s first personal branding studio exclusively designed to help people of all ages and from all walks of life, has acquired the Blackbird News today.

However, “The G Studio,” is renamed and from now the trade name of the brand will be Blackbird News. The brand will operate/function under “Proficient Knowledge Group.” Proficient Knowledge Group is a media organization with its operations worldwide.

The prime focus of the organization will be to cover news related to brands, personal brands, personal branding, marketing, fashion, lifestyle, influencers’ and every kind of trending news.

Brand Education, the world’s first and one-of-its-kind digital platform, is also the part of Proficient Knowledge Group.

Gaurav Gulati, founder The G studio said, “We are happy to acquire, we believe great platforms are uncomplicated meaningful ideas that people connect with immediately. Finally, we will be building a platform which is going to focus on brands and trending news exclusively.”

Now onwards the Proficient Knowledge Group’s “The G Studio” will be known with Blackbird News as its trade name while all the official transactions and operation shall happen in the name of Proficient Knowledge Group only.

Blackbird News (Earlier Known as The G Studio)
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Phone: +91-7082826644
SOURCE: Blackbird News (C/O The Proficient Knowledge Group)

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