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The Sims 4 FREE Origin Download: How to guarantee a free game for PC and Mac TODAY for limited time



The Sims 4 FREE Origin

Since its launch in 2014, The Sims 4 has received a steady diet of add-ons and updates, making it one of EA’s longest-lasting games. The Sims 4 is free to download from EA Origin today on PC and Mac however the deal won’t be around until the end of time.

As a major aspect of a new promotion, EA is giving away free downloads of The Sims 4 in May 2019.

This deal doesn’t reach out to the PS4 and Xbox One, so just PC players willing to add another launcher to their desktop need apply.

What’s more, for any individual who is a slipped by fan, this may be the ideal time to jump back in and begin another playthrough.

As indicated by the authority Sims Twitter account, The Sims 4 is a free download from Origin until May 28.

That gives fans an entire week to head over to the platform and guarantee their free game before it vanishes.

The way toward guaranteeing The Sims 4 is really easy to do; people simply need to head over the official Origin website, click on The Sims 4 icon and scroll down until they discover the “Buy Now – Starting at $0.00,” option.

People should set up an EA Origin account on the off chance that they have never had one before, additional means before they can guarantee The Sims 4 for free.

Unusually, someone was compelled to add it to his Wishlist before he could discover the option to download it for free, which may simply have been his own experience.

The game can be added to individuals’ record both through signing in through their browser or by utilizing the Origin launcher.

It ought to be noticed that this will be the standard edition of the game propelled in 2014, so no funny hats of expansion packs.

“Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world without rules in The Sims 4 game,” tthe official game description clarifies.

“Express your creativity as you customise your Sims’ distinct appearances and unique personalities. Choose their fashions, select their hairstyles, and give them life aspirations.

“Effortlessly build your Sims the perfect homes with the all-new room-based Build Mode, choosing your favourite designs and décor.

“Develop your Sims’ relationships, pursue new careers, and shape the rich and entertaining moments of their lives.

“Explore beautiful worlds with unique environments and travel to neighbourhoods where you can visit venues and meet other interesting Sims. Be powerful and free, have fun, and play with life.”

The base game generally requires around 10GB of hard drive space and this will go up on the off chance that individuals purchase any of the packs.

There’s a lot of choice in the event that individuals do go down this route, with six expansion packs accessible to download close by seven Game Packs and 14 Stuff Packs.

These all come in at various price points, with the official developments flaunting the most noteworthy expenses.

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