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Reddit Wiki Launches The Greatest Subreddit Database That Highlights More Than 1 Miilion Subreddits



Reddit Wiki

Reddit Wiki launches their Reddit analytics platform featuring data on one million subreddits and more than 6 billion Reddit remarks. As indicated by organization representatives, the platform will join the most energetic Reddit fans and help them find content dependent on their inclinations.

Because of crawling billions of Reddit remarks, highlights detailed data on each subreddit, for example, popular Youtube channels, Twitter and Instagram accounts and commonly referenced websites.

“The website has crawled over 500 million Reddit comments and we plan to quickly become the number one destination for Reddit recommendations. Our mission is to help users discover a cool new subreddit within their first minute browsing the site,” says Robert Donovan, an organization representative.

As indicated by the organization, the primary technology behind the platform is an intelligent recommendation engine, which recommends up to 100 comparable subreddits given an initial client input.

“Our primary value proposition is our recommendations engine. We love Reddit and know how hard it can be to discover subreddits that you like. Most of the time it’s about recommendations from other users in the comments section. We wanted to provide a more seamless experience, hence this platform,” says Donovan.

As indicated by organization representatives, their arrangements incorporate expansion into much more types of Reddit recommendations, but, given that the project isn’t associated in any way with Reddit, crawling will take some time.

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