The incredible stylish Entrepreneur Yahia Hawwari pleasing everyone with his spark

Business comes with a lot of investments not only of money but of endeavours, hard work, passion, dedication and determination. And nobody else can ever define these better than Yahia Hawwari, a passionate entrepreneur who knows no gazing back and his positive aura have made it possible for him to be at the top-notch.

Yahia is an intellectual who knows how to style himself and has a great fashion sense. Therefore, he is also known as “the handsome entrepreneur”. He was interested in computer sciences since a very early age and thus to give colours to his dreams he went to Cyprus to pursue his Bachelors in Computer Sciences. There he realised his actual calibre and decided to something worth appreciating for himself by inputting his own efforts, hard work and dedication. Although he was a blessed child with a massive family business still he knows no flaws and was totally into accomplishing his own self and thus, he after gaining applaudable experiences from the family-owned business he went to The United States and started his own business there. Now he owns businesses in 3 different countries.

His styling sense is commendable and he loves to collect the beautiful timepieces and owns a massive collection of it. He is an affluent man who has 35+ assortment of watches each one of which is unique in itself. He has the Jordanian Royal family signature along with a fully Iced Out Rolex in Arabic Dial, which is the rarest and its uniqueness is beyond ingenuity. Also, l he has accumulated more than 10 single-digit license plate numbers. The license plate numbers trading is very common in the middle east but it is not very effortlessly convenient and is highly expensive. Thus, he has spent more than a couple million dollars on these.

Now, all the eyes are on him and what are his next moves going to be. What he will be investing in next and how will he be handling the entrepreneurship and how he will be styling himself next.

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