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Erika Del Toro, a breakout entrepreneur in the world of finance and insurance



Erika Del Toro

As a big influence and motivational speaker in the Latina community, Toro managed to create amazing opportunities for herself and her PHP Agency and built her own empire, which has now made her a millionaire.

She pours so much belief in so many people’s lives, and always states when you pay people’s bills, yours are paid on its own. Del Toro describes herself as a self made millionaire, a life insurance agent and one of the first latinas to cross a million in income as an agent. Erika is also the co-owner of PHP agency alongside her siblings.

Moving to the U.S was the first part of Erika’s journey, as she always knew that she was going to make things happen for herself. Her gut instinct always reassured her, and she was focused on being an entrepreneur and making a name for herself.

She plunged into real estate after many people advised her to read self-development and entrepreneur books.After succeeding in that field Erika’s sister suggested they dive into the life insurance industry. Although the idea of starting a new company from scratch was nerve racking, Del Toro always says success tastes good after the struggle, and diving into that side of the industry was one of the best decisions she has made.

When asked what legacy would you like to leave behind for yourself? Erika Del Toro responded with : “I was able to inspire my latin community that anything is possible. Success tastes good after the struggle, is one of my own quotes. What I mean by that is when you work hard you can accomplish anything.”

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