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The most important skill in singing from the point of view of the popular and famous Iranian singer and musician Mr. Shahrokh Kiavash



Iranian singer and musician Mr. Shahrokh Kiavash

For a variety of reasons, a singer may not be able to sing a melody as expected and read the notes at incorrect and sometimes deafening frequencies. Flash reading has several reasons. Familiarity with these reasons will help singing teachers and singers to overcome this shortcoming. No matter how beautiful a singer’s voice is, if he does not read the melody correctly, the result will not be attractive to the listener. Sometimes flash reading can be very small and up to one-eighth of the screen, in which case, the audience notices the beauty in the music and ultimately is not attracted to it. In the following, we will get acquainted with the common reasons for reading flash.

Hearing Impaired: Some people have hearing or physical impairments and their inability to produce melodies is due to this problem. But it is estimated that only 3 to 5 percent of the world’s population from a medical point of view have this problem and can not hear or process melodies. Among people who are interested in music, this percentage may be even lower, because someone who enjoys music probably hears it correctly. These problems are usually due to brain and environmental damage or genetic problems in people.

Misunderstanding of melody: Some mistakes in reading melody are due to misunderstanding. Melody comprehension may be due to misunderstanding of the melody due to disturbing environmental sounds or inaccurate hearing. This form of flash reading is especially common in singers who rely more on their ears than on paper notes.

Poor memory: This problem occurs especially in more complex melodies. The lower the predictability of a melody for the singer, the more likely it is to make a mistake in memorizing the melody. The mind must also become accustomed to learning and remembering it.

Weaknesses in Practice in Childhood and Adolescence: Singing is not a necessary skill for life. Some people have never tried or continued to read since childhood. That is, reading has never been part of their childhood and adolescence habits. If you ask these young people and middle-aged people to read, they are mostly falsifiers. Some Iranian women, who do not even try to read in private due to social constraints, usually try to read the flash in adulthood. Misconceptions that are reinforced by those around you or by yourself may exacerbate these problems. For example, if the queen of a child’s mind has a bad voice, she may never try to read again.

Stay away from music: Some people may be isolated from a wide range of other music due to their isolation from different types of music, rhythms, harmonies, and sounds. If a person has listened to only Iranian national music from childhood to adulthood and tries to sing a classical melody for the first time in adulthood, many mistakes in reading the melody of this piece are not unexpected. The opposite is also true. This seems to be due to the processing of sound in the brain and its power.

Dear friends, I am Shahrokh Kiavash, I hope my speeches have helped you a little in terms of becoming a musician.

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