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The Success Story Of Tansocial CEO-A Digital Marketing Agency



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Success stories bring people the inspiration of pursuing their own dream. Some may not know how to go about their craft or kick start their careers, but with others’ testimonies, many find the courage to go on. Tanner James is one of the examples from whom you can seek inspiration. He is surprisingly 22 years old and making admirable moves. Here is how he made it all happen.

About Tanner James

Tanner started working early in life at age 11 at his dad’s restaurant to help his family after his dad had an accident. He realized that he would not be able to reach his financial goals working at a restaurant. He did not want to be working at the restaurant at 40 or 60 but be the person visiting. This understanding triggered a business mindset.

Getting Into Business

Tanner attended CU Denver when he was 18 for only two weeks. It is then that he decided to take the hop and drop out of college. This move was risky, but it worked well for him. He realized that he knew a lot of people in the social media industry. He began advising companies on how to leverage Facebook, Instagram and Google to make more money, and in no time became quite successful in consulting, laying the foundation for Tansocial.

The idea of Tansocial came about after understanding sustainability. Tanner realized very early on that he was only able to make multi six figures but he realized that if he wanted to make that jump towards seven he would have to put together a team. James says “I value relationships over profit, I see too many businesses these days fail because they don’t have sustainability in mind, whatever goes up must come down and you have to be prepared for hard times.”

 He is now the founder of Tansocial; he is ardent about bringing technology advanced digital marketing and acquisition solutions to large-scale companies and entrepreneurs alike.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges are a part of life, and your success depends on how you handle those obstacles. Tanner James has faced the challenge of people questioning his value to the market because of how young he is. He does not find excuses in the critic but instead uses it to his advantage. He has become successful at a young age by building authentic relationships.

Thriving Factors

According to Tanner James, to thrive, you need to learn how to leverage people, time, and energy. It would be best to understand where to focus your energy, establish strategic business relationships, and be aware of your time’s value. You need to utilize those three factors, and you will be on the path to incredible accomplishments.

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