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How a Youngest digital marketing expert has conquered the pinnacle of success



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According to Ishu Preet Singh, Life is a stage where we exert ourselves in utilising series of things and then we get what we were looking for and what goes in accords with our interests.

This 18-year-old digital began his brilliant spell in the digital marketing domain when he in his early teen and through his unfaltering grit he has successfully fabricated a business worth all its appreciations.
Coming from a humble background in Kashmir, Ishu, apart from running his own business has also been working with different NGOs to lend a helping hand to needy and less fortunate people. He has been part of any organization that worked during these pandemic times on humanitarian grounds.

By opting for the subject of digital marketing this young lad gave terrific shape to his growing business and carved out job opportunities for others and provided exceptional services to his potential clients. He usually says, that not in my institute rather it is my digital marketing business where I found my best version. And it is all through Ishu’s dedication and skill set that he triumphantly surfaced with a soaring development in the digital world.

Since the arrival of these pandemic times, every business fell prey to this pandemic which brought a tremendous change in the industry but this young boy optimistically takes this tough time and grabbed every chance of learning and chiselling himself. I couldn’t afford to also even an inch of goodness that these tough times brought in, he said. I was so enthusiastic to move towards my passion that I would spend my every day experimenting and shaping my skills when the whole world was on furlough I was working, Ishu added.

Even making his way through hard times because he comes from a conflict zone – Kashmir but these hindrances couldn’t stop him from ace the digital world at such a young age. He has proved that dreamers don’t sleep rather they spend the night enhancing their skills and wait for the sun to shine upon them.
And truly has his hard work paid him off when he successfully built up his own company “Smarter Circle” when he was just 16 years. And he is all focused on how to enlarge its reach throughout his nation.

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