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The success story of young and inspiring Tech Entrepreneur Sankalp Yadav, Founder of BharatSama4



The success story of young and inspiring Tech Entrepreneur Sankalp Yadav Founder of BharatSama4

There are many people who have a dream to achieve something big in life and also there are kinds of people who work hard to achieve their goals. Talking about one, Sankalp Yadav, a teenager from Etawah, a determined serial entrepreneur has made it through thick and thin with his out-of-box creative ideas to create a digital revolution with his entrepreneurial skills.

Sankalp Yadav is a 17-year-old new face in the digital marketing world. He has done fantastic work in very little time in the field of digital marketing. He has a strong network of more than 10 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, Sankalp has a strong determination toward his goals and his hardship has paid off. He has proved that age is not a barrier to achieving success; everyone can achieve all goals at any phase of life.

The youngsters of Sankalp’s age prefer to do the traditional job like MBA or a B. Tech degree, but he has chosen to be a digital entrepreneur. His concepts about marketing strategies are too unique, which helps him to grab more clients. Since the last few years, the online marketing sector is growing rapidly and it has a bright future. Most of the companies are approaching digital marketing agencies to promote their product or services in this virtual world.

Sankalp Yadav is the CEO and Founder of BharatSama4. During school time, he used to be a backbencher; no one was sure about his education at the very young age of 17. Truly, Internet has changed his life during his school days. As he was too young and has no mentor in the digital marketing field, he faced too many challenges and issues in the initial days. But as Sankalp’s vision was clear, he overcomes all challenges easily and now became a renowned name in the field of digital marketing.

He is continuously engaged in helping brands and artists to grow their presence over social media and expand their businesses through digital transformation and mediums. Whenever he got some spare time, he utilizes that time to keep updated with e latest trends and strategies for business growth instead of wasting time watching web series and serials.


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