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This is how Meqstore, Hitonpay, Exonut & Nesfur become emerging brands of the year & indulging daily lifestyle of every Indian under guidance



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Meqstore Homeware India Pvt Ltd and Hitonpay Lifecare (OPC) Private Limited, a group that nurtures the present and future of thousands of companies with excellent service and helpful advice. To reach the destination, you have to step forward and walk yourself on your feet, when someone plays with you and holds your hand, the floor also kisses the step and for the last many years, thousands of companies have been holding their hands and giving them their best service and all suitable.

Hitonpay Lifecare (OPC) Private Limited, Meqstore Homeware India Pvt Ltd is working with advice to take their business to heights.

The faltering companies that approached Hitonpay Lifecare (OPC) Private Limited, Meqstore Homeware India Pvt Ltd and with their help, today it has managed to better its business performance and stand back on the title position because of its years of experience. The hiring experts listen to you and provide you with the advice to enhance your company’s present and future that can elevate it from all perspectives.

When it was founded by Bhuraram Beniwal, Founder and CEO of Hitonpay Lifecare (OPC) Private Limited, Meqstore Homeware India Pvt Ltd, he had a single objective on how to provide consultancy services to every company with the right strategy as per its requirement So that company can do very best work in its field, realizing this need, they created this company and on seeing their ideas, thousands of companies have traveled from floor to floor.

Bhuraram Beniwal is a software development and forex trader by profession and did his early education from Tagore School Osiya, Jodhpur and after that he did B.Tech from SKIT Jaipur after 12th. For some time he gave his services in the form of software development and after that he set out on his goal where he could strengthen the present and future of thousands of companies and his journey was difficult but he beat every difficulty. Having established his own company with the passion to keep moving forward on his goal path.

The knowledge of technology that Bhuraram ji inherited was because his father Karnaram ji was an electrician in the railways and since childhood, he used to see his father working with the passion, so he always had the idea of ​​doing something different in his mind. And on the same path he set out and today his company is doing the best of their business performance by keeping in mind the simple and useful approach while removing the intricacies and complexities of thousands of companies.

Bhuraram Beniwal explains that we provide a range of consulting services, from simple and objective review of the status quo to a holistic growth plan with a strategy to strengthen the future, we help provide precise guidance that will make your business more efficient. Their ultimate goal is that our team will work with you every step of the way because our business believes in promoting you and we understand that every company and every business is unique so it’s natural to have complications But our approach is simple. We listen to your thoughts and understand your goals and provide you with the exact strategy that gets you where you want to go. By discussing your needs, we see where you are. Want to go where we can take you. In the end, Bhuraram Beniwal says that we will continue to pursue the objective we are working on with the same zeal and dedication and whatever the company is looking for in its present and future. Is in favor of strengthening them and raising them The work of delivering this will continue uninterruptedly.

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