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Top 20 most used mobile apps in the world



Top 20 most used mobile app in the world

Mobile apps are one reason why cell phones are so much well known today. These apps are what make your phones and tablets smart, as fain terms of functionality and features. The app market is experiencing a positive revolution with many new mobile apps being presented every day.

App development is advantageous for money related purposes as well as to expand the scope of a business/website to mobile clients. Additionally, billions of individuals around the globe are using cell phone devices now, and one definite approach to contact those individuals is making mobile apps for your business.

If you are wanting to build up your app, make certain to look at the most used mobile apps in the world to get a thought of what works in the market.

Top 20 Most Used And Downloaded Mobile Apps

  1. WhatsApp

It is one of the most well known and broadly used chat mobile apps that additionally supports correspondence between international phone networks. It has many chat features, for example, video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emoticons, status, and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

2. YouTube

It is a complete video viewing and sharing an app that takes a shot at mobile and desktop gadgets. However, the dedicated mobile app has some extra features, for example, offline downloading. Also, YouTube is the greatest host of videos in the world and offers monetization options to clients.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

3. Facebook

It is the world’s most well known large scale social networking website and app. Also, the Facebook app is accessible for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and all other significant mobile platforms. However, the app is used wherever in the world, for social and business interchanges.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

4. Facebook Messenger

This is a dedicated messenger (chat) app by Facebook that gives messaging facility to Facebook clients. Beforehand, there was no different app for messaging on Facebook however there is presently, and it has gotten similarly popular within a few years of its invention.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

5.Google Search

Google is the greatest search engine in the world and now, it is being offered through a dedicated mobile app through which clients can perform Google search for pictures, news, blogs, and everything else with only a click. However, Google Now is an advanced version of this app.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

6. Google Play

This is the official mobile app store by Google where clients can discover and download any good app for their Android-powered cell phones. You can likewise check the statics like top free/paid mobile apps in your region, upcoming trending mobile apps, and then some.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

7. Google Maps

It is the most broadly used mobile location and GPS tracking app. Maps by Google is a complete location app with features like GPS tracking, address sharing, route, real-time traffic updates, lane guidance, local place search, and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

8. Gmail

It is an email messaging app by Google that was first invented for the web and now additionally has a dedicated mobile app variant for Android, iOS, and different platforms. However, Gmail is the most used email app around the globe.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

9. Google Pay (Tez)

Google Pay is Mobile Payment App by Google, it is one app for all your payment need. With Google Pay, you can send and get cash rapidly, pay bills, purchase online, recharge Phone and dish, Pay at offline stores, Bank to bank cash transfer. Also, it is a basic and secure mobile payment app.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

10. Google+

A social networking app by Google, it works pretty much the same as the Facebook app. Also, there is a timeline where you can watch the most recent updates from your companions and those you follow. You can likewise share updates, news, links, pictures, and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

11. Instagram

This is a photograph sharing and social networking app that became well known predominantly due to its high quality and one of a kind features like square picture format, filters, and the absence of a website variant. That is correct, the app just takes a shot at supported cell phones and there is no web version.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

12. Snapchat

It is a social networking cum messaging app that must be used through a devoted mobile app. Indeed, even Snapchat doesn’t work on the regular web. Also, the app permits clients to chat with other Snapchat clients and send messages, photographs, short videos, and more.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion

13. UC Browser

About mobile browsers, UC dominates the market with its stunning mobile compatible browsing app. UC browser is additionally accessible in a mini rendition for low-memory devices and has all the features you can expect in a mobile browser.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion

14. SHAREit

It is a free file sharing app by Lenovo that can be used to transfer audio, video, and image files from a Wi-Fi compatible mobile/desktop gadget to another. Additionally, the app is accessible for Windows, Android, iOS, and numerous different platforms.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion

15. Twitter

It is a microblogging website that is additionally accessible in a mobile app version. Additionally, the app works like a social news channel where you can follow different clients, see the most recent news and updates from industry leaders, and share your views through “tweets” about anything.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion

16. Uber

Uber is the most used location-based taxi hiring app that permits clients to hire drivers, taxis, bikes, and shared rides for local and outstation travels. However, it is a simple, advantageous, safe, and cost-effective method for transporting within or near your city. Since it is a location-based app, Uber works fine on any GPS-enabled cell phone.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million

17. Bitmoji

As the name proposes, it is an app that permits you to make and share personalized emoticons (funny pictures, for example, smileys, cartoon avatar, stickers, and more dependent on your face. The app is for the most part famous in the United States.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million

18. Amazon Mobile

Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce marketplace which is presently likewise accessible through a dedicated mobile app to focus on its mobile purchasers and sellers. Also, the Amazon mobile app works precisely the same as the website.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million

19. Netflix App

It is an online video streaming website/app that lets you watch movies, videos, TV series, and other content from Netflix through your cell phone or PC. The mobile app is more helpful as you can watch your favorite films and videos from anyplace whenever. Also, the app is more popular in English speaking nations.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million

20. Pinterest

It is an image sharing and social networking app where you can share one of a kind pictures to promote your website and blogs to the individuals who are keen on your content. Also, Pinterest is known for its collection of unique and high-quality images.

Downloads – 100 million – 500 million

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