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Top 3 destinations you will want to immigrate to after your first trip



Top 3 destinations you will want to immigrate to after your first trip

Travelling to another country is always a new and unique experience that brings joy and meaning to life. But more often than not, we are happy to return home after a holiday and go on with our lives, it’s a classic story that happens almost every day in the world. But imagine that you came to some country, to some city and having travelled there – time slowed down, you realised that you want to live there now, it happens too. 

Today we are going to look at a subjective list of such destinations, having travelled there, you may want to live there. Despite the fact that in the last sentence there was the word “subjective” we will still try to think as objectively as possible about all the destinations. Take into account the standard of living, availability of jobs, local colour and culture, climate and public infrastructure. 

So, let’s get started.

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt opens our top, it is a very nice city, where you may realise that you want to live here. For a more comfortable journey we recommend to rent a Frankfurt airport transfer, because for you as a beginner local prices may not be very acceptable and also, you completely solve the problem with the language, because you will have a professionally trained English-speaking driver. 

Top 3 destinations you will want to immigrate to after your first trip 1

So, Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany with a mix of cities like New York, London or Paris. Here you will find many jobs with decent pay (especially in the financial sector), many restaurants with different cultures, great availability of all world brands and all this without excessive crowds, which makes this city very attractive for a quiet and comfortable life. 

Regarding the transport system, it is very well developed in Frankfurt, there are well-planned trolleybus routes, buses, as well as the metro. There is a good medical infrastructure, many theatres, green areas and educational institutions. 

Vienna, Austria

This city is considered one of the best in terms of quality of life in the world, at least so decided in 2019, Mercer Consulting Agency where 231 megacities were evaluated. So, what made Vienna rank so well? Let’s start with eco-mobility, which is at an all-time high here, the authorities have worked very hard to move people to a more eco-friendly way of travelling. In Vienna you will mostly see a lot of scooters, rollerblades or electric cars. This way of travelling is as common for most people as a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Vienna really promotes the idea of public transport, it’s been so successful that more than half of the city of a million people have an annual pass for public transport (underground, trolleybuses). And with such a cool success, they plan to reduce the fare to 1 euro by 2030. 

Top 3 destinations you will want to immigrate to after your first trip 1 1

It is also worth noting that Vienna is 55 percent green. And also, the Austrian government has introduced a rule that the distance from each residential building to the nearest public garden should not exceed 250 metres. You will be shocked, but even the roofs here are trying to green up – it’s incredible! And it’s not just a matter of aesthetics or even health, but also, so much greenery contributes to a comfortable climate. Greening a city helps with thermal protection and natural air conditioning to counteract global warming. And a word or two about the environment, Austria itself, has become the second country after Belgium to stop using the dirtiest fossil for fuel (coal). And already by 2040 Vienna (and in general the whole of Austria) will be completely environmentally neutral, that is, fully compensate for greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, Vienna is very promising, first of all for your health, as the city has many jobs, a rich cultural history and a wonderful (honest) mentality.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is another city that literally constantly tops the rankings of the most comfortable to live in. It is very well planned, especially attractive conditions for those who want to go there and start a family. Because if you decide to have a baby in Copenhagen, you get a year’s holiday (which you can divide up over 9 years in parts as you like). Half of this holiday is fully paid and the other half is almost fully paid (it can even go up to 90%). Also, there are state subsidies that cover up to 75% of the costs of childcare for pre-school children, a significant part of education and health care. All this leads to quite high taxes (Denmark is the country with the highest tax in the world) but as statistics shows, the success of the country and the confidence of Danes in their state is only growing. 

Top 3 destinations you will want to immigrate to after your first trip 2

This city is also very happy with its infrastructure, it is very convenient to get around on foot, probably more convenient only if you are on a bicycle, which creates a great ground for popularisation of cycling (which is quite big), which reduces CO2 levels in the air. Thanks to the Bycyklen København programme, more than 40% of Danes get to work every day by bike, making it the very first country to do so. In terms of greening, the logic is very similar to Vienna, so we won’t dwell too long here. 

The job situation here is also very good, because the number of jobs is growing every year, especially in technology, it and finance. There are also a lot of interesting places for entertainment, a huge number of restaurants with different cuisine (we advise you Noma, which has twice been considered as the best in the world) and in principle there are all opportunities for a happy and quality life. We advise you to travel around this city, you will really enjoy the whole atmosphere and comfort of life.  

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