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Top 3 Powerful Features of TikTok Marketers Should Consider



Top 3 Powerful Features of TikTok Marketers Should Consider

It’s been more than a year since the first introduction of the ad management platform on TikTok. If there was any confusion regarding the effectiveness of TikTok as an advertising platform, the growth and statistics of the past year have cleared all the doubts.

As a marketer, you’ve realized the effectiveness of TikTok as your marketing campaign, and you’ve successfully created a business profile on TikTok to increase your brand’s visibility. But do you know why you need to invest in TikTok for the promotional purpose of your business? What makes TikTok the best marketing platform?

To answer your questions, we have prepared this article for you. Here are the top 3 great TikTok features business owners need to consider. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Superior Engagement Rate of TikTok 

The engagement rate is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors for business. Without a high-quality engagement rate, brands might fail to increase the exposure of their company. Even though many people doubt the user base of TikTok, marketers should not ignore the massive user engagement rate of the platform. As per reports, an average TikTok user spends more than 90 minutes daily consuming all the content on the platform. This is an excellent statistic that brands should consider.

Additionally, the content on TikTok is highly engaging. Not only will you reach a massive audience, but the users will love to interact with your brand when they see relevant content. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube, where user engagement rate is dependent on video, TikTok lets users showcase their creativity to the content they are seeing. Even though Snapchat is a close competitor of TikTok, more than 55% of TikTok users refrain from using Snapchat.

Brand Effects 

TikTok will help you set your promotional advertisements apart by layering Brand Effects. Just like the Snapchat lenses, this is one of the most powerful AI features that people can use for video overlays.

However, the brand effect is designed mainly to highlight the brand-specific components. This feature is not only flexible, but perhaps one of the best ways business owners can use TikTok to promote their company.

This feature will undoubtedly provide your brand with high-level engagement and brand recall. Remember that TikTok followers are essential to boosting your marketing campaign. Make sure you click here if you want genuine TikTok followers.

TikTok Provides Great Ecommerce Capabilities 

Even though TikTok is widely famous for its engagement solutions and brand awareness, TikTok can also provide business owners full-funnel settings.

The previous year, TikTok started partnering with Shopify and has grown to more than ten countries worldwide. This new function allows the Shopify users to access the Business Ads Manager of TikTok without leaving the Shopify platform.

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits for e-commerce businesses. It allows them to reach and build relationships with potential customers in the early phase of the decision-making journey. As per Get Response, a high-quality product is the success factor of the e-commerce business journey. On the other hand, they can also drive them into conversation due to the effectiveness of Shopify.


These are the top 3 powerful TikTok features you should consider. As the popularity of T TikTok is expanding every year, promoting your business through TikTok will help you achieve success quickly.

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