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Top Reasons for Window Replacement Before Winter



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With winter approaching, it’s time to make sure your windows are ready for the freezing temperatures. Cracking windows due to extreme weather can be an inconvenient nuisance to homeowners. However, waiting until your windows start to crack from the cold can be a costly affair. The best way to avoid this is by getting window replacements as soon as possible.

When replacing your doors and windows, you must consider the service of a home improvement contractor. They should be well acquainted with measures for protecting your home from the weather.

When installing windows, Falcon WD technicians replace one window at a time to minimize your home’s exposure to the elements as much as possible.

Waiting to replace windows and doors is a good way to make an urgent need become an expensive crisis. The following are some more reasons why you should take care of this as soon as possible:

1.    You Get to Manage Energy Waste

Wondering why you are spending more and more on energy lately? Perhaps you need to take a look at your windows and doors. Old windows and doors can be a household’s largest source of high energy waste. Air leaks from warped doors can affect home utility bills more than you might not expect. In addition, inefficient windows often let in a lot of light or let in the cold, causing the house to heat up or chill in the winter.

2.    Sweat-free Process

Replacing windows and doors in the fall will make the project feel more like a need than an emergency. You can take your time and choose a contractor, pick out different styles, and even decide whether or not you want to update the color – making the process less stressful.

3.    Early Enjoyment

Planning to wait until winter to replace your doors and windows? Think again! You are not only going to be without the benefits of energy efficiency for a significant time, but winter can also take a toll on your home. For example, in winter, snow and ice may collect on the outside of your window, which will not only diminish the quality of insulation on your house but will also make you feel unprepared for the cold months ahead.

Your Falcon WD Options

Top Reasons for Window Replacement Before Winter

With our well-performing Energy Star® windows, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If your current windows aren’t functioning as well as you expect, these are an efficient upgrade. Our company strives to be on top in the industry. It is GTA’s leading window installation and replacement service.

Is It Possible to Install Windows When It’s Pouring?

There is nothing that can stop window replacement from happening when it’s pouring. But there is a catch. If the sealant the contractor is using is a primary determinant; Some sealants will need to be set about 24 hours before they get into contact with water. Therefore, the installer shouldn’t install windows when it’s pouring heavily.

Installing windows when it rains is a big disadvantage. Electric power tools are not allowed when it’s raining, and moisture can get trapped between the window and the wall. In addition, moisture can lead to mold growing on the window frame and in the window itself.

Does Cold Weather Affect Windows Installation?

Installers can replace windows during cold weather. However, the primary concern is that tearing out the old windows and replacing them with new ones will leave you with an open hole in the wall.

What Is the Ideal Time for Installing Windows?

You’re looking for a window replacement date that works with your schedule. First, you should know that installers are less busy in the fall and winter months. That may be a problem, though, as the weather can prove to be an obstacle during these times of the year.

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