Toronto Native Angel Milan Beats, Bringing Back R&B Music This Decade

March 2020 – Angel Milan Beats is a talented artist and beat maker based in Toronto, Canada. His sound is very diverse and unapologetic, adding so much value to the audience’s listening experiences with some astonishing production aesthetics.

His vision is simple: using creativity and pathos to give R&B a fantastic new twist. In particular, he managed to give the audience a unique experience, going for a classic, yet forward-thinking R&B vibe. Recently, Angel Milan Beats actually joined forces with talented fellow artist Surauchie.

The pair collaborated on a mixtape titled Butter, which was actually produced by Angel Milan Beats himself. This release has a classic R&B vibe, and it is amazing due to its colorful and distinctive melodies.

Angel’s fantastic approach to production actually allows Surauchie’s vocals to truly stand out, matching the instrumentals to perfection.

Find out more about Angel Milan Beats, and do not miss out on more music, events, and releases from this talented Toronto-based recording artist and producer.

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