Trishna’s Castle – An initiative by Trishna Prakash Samat is the best way to start a new journey by merging yourself in spiritualism.

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Trishna’s Castle’s mission is to help those who are undergoing emotional turmoil in their lives through spiritual means.

Trishna’s journey started off as the author of a hindi book known as ‘Taaje Sapne’, twenty-eight years old Trishna Samat debuted in a short film known as ‘Meri Khoj Mere Haath’ which released on Eros Now on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019. The short film, written by Trishna spoke about a young girl’s journey of simplicity, honesty, and dedication towards achieving her dreams. Popular TV and Bollywood Actor Sharad Kelkar had lent his voice for the short film together with Trishna.

According to her experience on ‘Meri Khoj Mere Haath’, Trishna says “It’s been an amazing experience performing on this passion project. I have always believed that any person can do what they want with their simplicity and let the fire at intervals burn! I couldn’t have asked for a better debut than this short film where I get to be a version of myself that will inspire such a lot of women to believe in the power and wonder of their dreams. The audience loved the film as the plotline touched the right chords.”

Apart from managing her writing and acting career she is now all set to open her new venture named Trishna’s Castle at Andheri in Mumbai, where Trishna will be helping people by reducing their mental issues through spiritual means. The main reason for initiating this brand was because of her belief that she had the power to change and inspire the lives of people who were going through a low phase. Due to this, Trishna is now determined to spread the joy and magic of spiritualism amongst people who have lost hope and have nothing to look forward in life. She has also planned to launch her official website where she will be releasing her Audiobooks, E-Books, motivational videos, and E-courses which will help in personal transformation for many.

Further, Trishna has also penned a book which showcases the autobiography of her life. The book narrates her life’s experiences and journey of how she overcame all fears and struggles and achieved success in everything she believed in. This book will be an inspiration for all those out there who are losing hope and is bound to motivate many, for sure. Trishna’s initiatives are indeed amazing and truly deserve an applause.