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Tudor Watch History And Review



Tudor Watch History And Review

Tudor watch is a sister company brand of the Rolex luxury watch that has an aesthetic design and style with an affordable price point for many people. They are famous because of the top-quality design that was made together with its movements. They now offer the actions of the Tudor watch that is manufactured and assembled in-house.

The Tudor company partnered with much Swiss company watches like the Valjoux, ETA, and the Breitling. They all made the movements of the Tudor watch. This watch is placed at an affordable luxury watch that has the best quality of its price. Currently, the Tudor watch company surpassed many watch brands and has acclaim for its timepieces.

The Oyster Pearl Of The British Army

Wilsdorf Hans was the one who separated and created the company of Tudor watches during the end of world war 2. This watch’s logo was a rose that has an eponymous emblem of the dynasty of the old English times together with its shield. After that watch was made, the company released one of the most popular watches: the Oyster Prince.

This watch has an oyster waterproof case and an initially sturdy design that Wilsdorf Hans made. It has a 26 winding oyster movement that went with the Royal Navy of the British army on their expedition during the year 1953-1954 going to Greenland. This was designed to be reliable, durable, and accurate in any conditions this watch will face.

The expedition of this watch was to test the durability of the Tudor watch because some military and army dropped a bomb on the other side of their camp together with their supplies. The Royal engineers of the excursion in Greenland wrote about his experiences during the expedition.

Walker, the captain of that expedition, checked the watches’ accuracy in all the time signals when they were still in England. They found out that the watch was correct and accurate in measuring the wind and their expedition duration. The British military British recommended seizing the Tudor opportunity to the toughness of the Oyster Prince.

The Submariner Tudor Under The Sea

They copied the quality and design of the Rolex submariner that is named the Oyster Prince of the line of the Submariner. This watch offers maximum depth and visibility resistance at a meager price than the Rolex Submariner. It has a large and bright mark that indicates the minutes and hours with visible hands that can be seen through the years.

This watch indicated a luminous and elegant design for the clarity of the water under the sea. It has a convex with a pressure-resistant crystal that has markers to use for underwater diving. The model of this submarine, Oyster 7222, was modified and used for the 350 movement that is popular and known for its name, the 390 Tudor.

It has different models with a case designed for divers who love to go diving all the time. The motion and movements of the divers swimming formation can be detached or damaged on their wrists. Therefore, the 7928 Submariner has a metal guard that protects both sides of the watch together with its crown.

Military Roots Of The Tudor Watch

Because of this watch’s in-demand production, the Oyster Prince was the Sought to partner more of the British Army on their future expeditions. The Vietnam war has made the Submariner watches available for the Navy of the Us with a considerable discount. The Vietnamese army’s veteran seal and author recall that he bought a watch for only 50 dollars.

He wore it through their whole expedition and war, and they used it up until the year 1978. It stopped because it was broken, and he needed to repair this. They discovered that this watch was found in a safe that was hidden and fixed it to use it. Many of the militaries who wore the Submariner did not want to use their watch.

They only improvised some fabric bands, and they are also using an elastic strap. Many watch collectors priced their Tudor watch at a very high price because of its limited design and rare conditions.


If you are looking for a perfect and affordable watch that you can buy, the Tudor watch is the best watch for you because of its quality and durability. This watch is cheaper than any luxury watch, and there is no reason for you to buy an expensive Tudor watch because it has the same quality as Rolex.

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