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Typical Bail Bond Mistakes That Can Trip You Up and What to Do to Avoid Them



Typical Bail Bond Mistakes That Can Trip You Up and What to Do to Avoid Them.jpg

Bail bonds are handy for getting you out of jail when you have been arrested and facing a trial and sentencing. According to Ibis World, the bail bond industry in America has annual revenues of $2.3 billion. If you don’t have the money to post the bail amount, you can approach a bail bondsman or a bail bond company. They will evaluate your case and provide the surety required by the court subject to you paying them non-returnable fees of 10-20% of the bail amount. It is important not to make mistakes when applying for bail since it could land you in a problem and compromise your freedom. Some typical mistakes to avoid:

Lying or Misrepresenting Facts

The court and the bail bond service provider will ask you numerous questions. You should answer all questions truthfully and without misrepresenting facts. The questions assist bail bond companies, and the court to understand if you are reliable and will appear for your appearances in court after your release from custody. Your bail bond may be revoked if you are found to be untruthful in your responses, and you can be put back in jail, which is not what you want.

Choosing an Unlicensed Bail Bond Company

The bail bond industry is regulated by the state, which is why you must never sign up with a bond company without verifying it is licensed to operate in your state. There are many inexperienced and unscrupulous bail bond agents and companies scamming people. They will charge exorbitant fees and not even get you out of jail. You must always work with reliable and licensed bail bond companies like Castle Bail Bonds.

Not Giving Your Correct Address

The bail bond application process requires you to fill out various forms. You must not make any mistakes while filling them out, especially your address. Giving your correct address is vital since if it is found to be false or incorrect, the court will assume that you are unreliable and had an intent to flee and will revoke your bail bond. You will lose the money and also be back in jail without any further chance of getting bail.

Being Rearrested When Out On Bail

When the court grants you bail, it is because they are satisfied that you are not a flight risk, will not commit any more crimes, and generally stay out of trouble. When you are out on bail, you must keep a low profile, stay out of trouble, and not associate with people who can get you into trouble. It can take very little for the court to revoke your bail bond and put you back in jail till you are acquitted or sentenced. If the police arrest you due to any reason when you are out on bail, you can expect revocation of your bail.


When ­­­­you are out on bail, you need to adhere strictly to the terms and conditions. Violations like not spearing before the court on the scheduled dates, traveling beyond what you are permitted to, or breaking the law are viewed strictly, and your bail may be revoked.

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