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UK Superstar Natasha Grano Spotted In Lamborghini With Michael Graziano



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Natasha Graziano and Michael Graziano are a story of true voguish day romance. They met on audio app Clubhouse a week after Valentines day, and upon hearing Michaels voice she envision she’d found her soul mate. The two linked up on Instagram, and what started as a working alliance with Michael’s PR company Mindful Media and Natasha’s personal brand, ended up as a deep intimate connection.

While hosting clubhouse rooms that would reach over 30,000 people across 4 hours, Natasha was evading the love of her life was in the room. And while hundreds of bachelors were  inveigle it had to be them, Michael knew the truth.

 Natasha sent him a journal with the title “Once Upon A Time…” And together they manifested to write each others stories.

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Photo credit – Global women

After spending multitudinous hours journaling and meditating together, they decided they must meet each other to feel the zest and confirm a veracious connection. So in the middle of a pandemic, when the UK was considered a red zone and under no circumstances visitable, and despite Michael not having a passport after travelling to all 193 UN nations over the last 6 year. Michael somehow managed to get into London and they finally got to meet.

“The moment I saw him I jumped onto him and we started kissing right in the middle of the airport. I held on as tight as I could and wouldn’t let go. After the first day I felt his energy and his vibration, I was sure he was the love of my life” says Natasha .

 The duo then  commence to celebrate their love in glorious fashion. Whether Natasha astound him with guest massages and 5-course meals from a private chef at her flat in the prestigious London Mayfair. Or the duo getting glimpsed by paparazzi driving in a white Lamborghini convertible to the local Starbucks. They proceeded to do photoshoots with Global Women Magazine, Globe Men Magazine, and London Business Magazine with the tagline “The Couple Of Clubhouse”.

The two then began co-hosting the largest events on the app including interviews with bestselling author Jim Kwik, co-author of The Secret John Assaraf, Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, Thought Leader Lisa Nichols, and many others.

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Photo credit – Global women

Natasha then started sharing Michael’s interactions with her 5 year old son. “Alright Rio, time to workout” Michael would say as he latches onto Michael’s arm who starts curling him. “1, 2, 3, keep going!” Rio would shout as he’s being hurled up and down. He would then crawl onto Michael’s back as an 8-second bull rider while Michael frolicked around the room on all fours.

Natasha and Michael are already hosting hundreds in a  confidential mastermind group called “Manifest Your Lover” which embraced guests Ja Rule, and other VIP speakers on the roster like Jesse Itzler & Sara Blakely, Grant & Elena Cardone, and many others.

The staff at Clubhouse have gotten word of this electric romance, and executives are looking to do follow up stories and even help facilitate a “Clubhouse Wedding” which would include a legal pastor, bridesmaids and groomsmen, digital decorations and décor, celebrity performances, and much, much more.

 Natasha and Michael are two different personalities but what they do is the same. Yes, motivating people by giving belief to make things happen in life.

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