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Upcoming WhatsApp features and updates in 2022



Upcoming WhatsApp features and updates in 2022

Many changes in the app have been attributed to its investment by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) in 2014. Accordingly, with upgrading ease of use, WhatsApp has become one of the fastest mediums for keeping in touch with loved ones via chats and video and audio calls, as well as engaging audiences and accelerating sales through features like WhatsApp Business.

Different updates made to the app incorporate WhatsApp Web, which launched in 2015, and start to finish encryption, stickers, group calling, and UPI payments presented till 2018. Furthermore, in August 2021, the company carried out the ‘View Once’ choice, which made chats vanish after they were opened. With this, users could send photographs, without stressing over it taking up space on their phone. It additionally improved user privacy.

Here are the new WhatsApp features presented in 2022

Further Improving voice messages

With the introduction of voice messages in 2013, sharing voice notes turned into a fast and easy process, assisting the people who with doing not have any desire to type a message. The essentially planned highlight assists users with sharing more personal and expressive discussions as a voice note.

In a 30 March 2022 blog, WhatsApp detailed that its users share 7 billion voice messages on average, which are safeguarded and kept private utilizing start to finish encryption.

Following this, the messaging app launched new features in March 2022 to further develop the WhatsApp voice message experience. These include:

Out-of-chat playback: It assists you with hearing a voice message outside the chat, while you read and answer different messages or multitask on your smartphone.

Pause/resume recording: You can Pause your voice message recording to, for instance, gather your thoughts or do away with distractions and resume recording once ready.

Waveform visualization: It shows a visual representation of the sound, on the voice message, to demonstrate the recording is on.

Draft preview: You can listen to your voice messages prior to sending them to your friends and family or clients.

Remember playback: in the event that you press pause while standing by listening to a voice message in a chat, this feature lets you resume from where you left off.

Quick playback on Forwarded Messages: The feature permits you to speed up regular and forwarded voice messages to 1.5x or 2x, to pay to listen to them quicker.

Presenting communities

Organizations like local clubs, schools, or businesses heavily rely upon WhatsApp to work and share confidential information. This is the reason, the informing app presented a one-stop solution called Communities in April 2022.

This feature assists with imparting data to a bigger number of individuals by bringing different group chats under one roof, utilizing a system that benefits them.

In this way, people can receive updates sent to the entire community, as well as set up smaller conversation groups who share common interests. For example, a school principal can utilize the Community feature to unite every one of the guardians and offer significant updates in a single space. They can likewise make groups for explicit classes or extracurricular exercises.

Also, Communities will empower group admins with new tools that incorporate announcement messages that can be broadcast to everybody.

More features will be enabled before the whole Communities connection point is launched later in 2022. While they have not indicated the date, WhatsApp is focussing on creating Communities this year to help its everyday clients.

Post launch, they will actually want to utilize Admin Delete, where WhatsApp group admins can delete problematic messages from everybody’s chats, and voice calls, a one-tap voice calling feature where up to 32 individuals can be on the call.

Reactions, sharing huge files, and expanded group sizes

The messaging app updated its point of interaction with emoji Reactions on 5 May.

The update incorporates six emoji reactions — love, laugh, sad, surprise and thanks. These are like the ones accessible on Facebook and Instagram. Fast and enjoyable to utilize, the reactions show up under messages when you tap on them and hold them down for couple of seconds. The client can choose the most reasonable reactions for the choices. The feature assists with decreasing the number of messages also. Also, Meta shared that it will add more articulations to this feature.

Through the update, clients can share a file size of 2 GB on WhatsApp. The limit was before set at 100 MB. it is advised to use WiFi for the seamless transfer of larger files. Likewise, while downloading or uploading a file, a counter will be shown, demonstrating the time the document will take to move. The feature is safeguarded with start to finish encryption.

To additional support businesses, schools, and other close-knit groups, WhatsApp will permit group admins to amount to 512 individuals in a group.

Supporting small businesses

WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to support businesses globally The company announced that it is creating progressed features to help businesses operate and amplify their presence online. For example, WhatsApp will make it simple to manage chats on up to 10 devices.

Furthermore, to attract customers online, it will give new customizable WhatsApp click-to-chat links. Notwithstanding, these features will be incorporated as a premium, chargeable service that you can opt for, in the event that you have a WhatsApp Business account.

As a complimentary service, the company is offering free, secure cloud-hosting services for all businesses, independent of their sizes. With the new API, not just has the beginning the opportunity to get to WhatsApp diminished to minutes yet businesses can likewise customise their encounters and immediately contact their customers. You can join straightforwardly or contact Meta’s business solution suppliers to get everything rolling.

Other upcoming features

WhatsApp is additionally hoping to acquaint more features and updates with work on user experience. While the date of launch is yet to be affirmed, the features are probably going to make a big appearance in 2022.

For iOS users, the app will enable them to see profile photos of people and groups in WhatsApp notifications. While this feature is in the testing stage, it will before long be delivered to other people.

WhatsApp is wanting to re-try the design of connection point tells who you are sharing media with. It will permit clients to pick new beneficiaries prior to sending media files. You can likewise share a image, a video, or a GIF on your status as well as chats.

Strangely, Meta is planning to improve its notable feature called Last Seen from specific contacts in the app. As of now, either ‘everyone’ or ‘your contacts’ or ‘nobody’ possible for anyone to see your last seen. Presently, users will actually want to choose individuals who can’t see what time you were last utilizing WhatsApp.

A feature that could likewise get presented for the this year across multiple devices would allow users to log out of their WhatsApp accounts, similar to Facebook or Instagram.

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