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World Triathlon Multisport Championships 2022: Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon set for debut in Târgu Mures



World Triathlon Multisport Championships 2022

Cross duathlon competition is set to start at the World Triathlon Multisport Championships in Târgu Mures tomorrow, denoting whenever the discipline first has featured at the event. 2022 World Triathlon Multisport Championships is set to be held in the Romanian city of Targu Mures between June 6 to June 12 with duathlon, cross triathlon and cross duathlon on the plan.

The World Championships in the aquathlon, long-distance triathlon, and aqua bike are wanted to be staged in Samorin in Slovakia between August 18 and 21.

World Triathlon has likewise announced it is looking to have bidders for the 2025 World Triathlon Multisport Championships as well as other competitions, including the 2024 and 2025 World Triathlon Championship Finals and the World Triathlon Sprint and Relay Championships around the same time.

The World Triathlon Championship Finals is viewed as the sport’s flagship event and the victor of the bidding process is set to have the bonus of staging the yearly World Triathlon Congress which is because of seeing 167 countries send delegations.

Abu Dhabi is wanted to gold the event this year with Pontevedra in Spain expected to have the 2023 edition.

Previous cities to stage the competition includes London, Budapest, Auckland, Beijing, Lausanne, and Chicago.

The inaugural World Triathlon Sprint and Relay Championships is because of occurring this year in Montreal in Canada on June 24 and 25.

It is anticipated to bring together more than 4,000 Championships and this absolute could outperform 8,000 assuming neighborhood races are accounted for.

Around 4,500 athletes are supposed to contend in the event.

A two-lap 7-kilometer run is set to be trailed by a four-lap 23.2km bike leg before one 3.5km running lap closes the elite men’s and women’s cross duathlon races at the Cornesti Plateau Sports and Recreation Area.

The men’s field is driven by Alessandro Serravalle of Italy, a silver medallist finally year’s Europe Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships.

He is expected to face a challenge from his compatriot Giuseppe Lamastra, the European champion, Romanian home favorite Bogdan Damian, and the national champions of Slovakia and Croatia respectively in Ondrej Kubo and Silvije Tomac.

Carina Wasle of Austria is set to begin the women’s cross duathlon race with the number one jersey.

She put 12th at the Cross Triathlon World Championships and is the national cross champion.

Former European champion Kristina Lapinová of Slovakia and Former cross triathlon world champion Eleanora Peroncini of Italy are probably going to be among her adversaries.

Under-23 titles are likewise on offer in the cross duathlon.

Cross triathlon competition is planned for Wednesday (June 8), with the men’s and women’s events including a 1.1km swimming leg, 27km bike leg, and 7.2km running leg.

Swimming is expected to be staged at the Muresul Sports Complex ‘Weekend Complex’, trailed by cycling and running at the Cornesti Plateau Sports and Recreation Area.

Under-23 and junior contests are additionally set to be awarded.

The Duathlon World Championships are planned to close the event.

Individual races on Friday (June 10) are to be hung on the Transilvania Motor Ring, with the first class contests including a four-lap 10km run, five-lap 37.5km bike leg, and finishing two-lap 5km run.

Elite and junior mixed relays in duathlon are planned for Sunday (June 12) in Târgu Mures city center.

Interesting cities, which have the endorsement of their National Federation, have been told to present a bid before August 30 this year and the winner is planned to be announced on November 28.

Bidding is additionally open for numerous 2023 season events, including the World Triathlon Championship Series (WTCS).

The WTCS is advanced as the main occasional event with it recording over one million spectators annually.

It is indicated that a mixed relay may be incorporated alongside the Olympic distance, sprint distance, and super-sprint.

Cities can also bid for the second-tier World Triathlon Cup, World Triathlon Multisport Cup, and World Triathlon Winter Championships and Cup.

Organizers should propose two long-distance triathlons, including aquabike, duathlon, cross triathlon, cross duathlon, and aquathlon to have Multisport Cups.

Alongside the World Triathlon Para Series, urban cities can bid for the World Triathlon Para Cups and the Continental Triathlon Para Cups.

Bids must be submitted before July 31 to be thought of and the winning cities are planned to be announced on September 15 following approval from the Executive Board.

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