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What is the most common type of cable used in networking?



What is the most common type of cable used in networking

A computer network is a big grid of computers where all the devices are interconnected to each other. All these computers are connected with a certain type of cable. There are many cabling options available in the market these days for networking. You can choose from Fiber Optics, Coaxial Cables, and Twisted Pairs Cables. The most common of these cables in networking is twisted pair cable.

The unshielded twisted pair cables or UTP is used in many networks. There are many types of ethernet cable. Cat6 Plenum is in the high demand among these cables.

What is a Cat6 Plenum?

This is a category 6 cable. If you want an ethernet cable with high speed, durability, and high data transfer rate then cat6 should be an obvious choice for you. It has conventional standards for Gigabit Ethernet. Its backward compatibility has made it more user-friendly. If the entire component in a network is running at a full speed then this cable would work at an optimal state.

It is made of 23-gauge high-quality wire. It has four unshielded twisted pairs of wire. Each of these pairs is wrapped in a protective layer. This is why it is called the unshielded twisting. Cat6 Plenum has a plenum-rated jacket. Plenum spaces in the building are those spaces which have air circulation all the time. These places are used for air conditioning and heating purposes in any infrastructure. Its jacket is made of high-quality PVC which burns very slow with low smoke in a fire accident.

Cat6 Plenum has tightly twisted pairs that give it the ability to fight off cross-talks. Crosstalk is an unwanted phenomenon in which signals from two passing by cables overlap. Its thick sheathing and tight twists resist against all sorts of crosstalk and electromagnetic interferences.

Benefits of Cat6 Plenum

Speed – it is a fast ethernet cable. It can handle a maximum speed of 550 MHZ. Cat6 also works fine with the networks that include Gigabit Ethernet along with 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

Composition – its composition is parallel to cat5 cable. Cat6 Plenum has eight wires which are twisted in four pairs. Since it is an unshielded cable so each pair is insulated to produce extra communication as compared to its predecessor.

Compatibility – This is one of the major benefits that come with cat6 plenum. Its plugs and ports are compatible with older versions. But if you are using an old port, you may not get the full speed of this cable.

Upgradable – this cable has become industry standard. You should think about upgrading it if you want the optimal working out it. Cat6 plenum may not work fine with older components. This factor could affect its speed and data transfer rate.

Multiple Colors – this is a cool benefit of cat6 plenum. If you are running a giant network where many cables run parallel, this feature could help you a lot in that case. You can pinpoint the faulty cable and replace it instantly.

There are many suppliers of ethernet cables. New York Cable stands out among all of them because of the credibility. You can buy a variety of these cables at a very reasonable price. They also offer free shipping.

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