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What to do to make free space for new emails if Gmail storage is full



How to make space for new emails if your Gmail storage is full

Storage issues on Gmail are the same old thing, particularly on the off chance that you use the service as your primary email driver. You may have seen a notification on the page or application warning you that your storage is full and that you have to delete older emails to get new ones.

Presently, Google gives 15GB storage to free. Also, this 15GB incorporates storage for the Google Drive files, your emails, WhatsApp chats, Google Photos, and so forth. On the off chance that you are using an Android phone, at that point filling up this 15GB is a cakewalk.

So it’s not simply your emails that are taking up space and preventing you from accepting more current mails that may be significant. The one simple way out of this space issue is to purchase extra cloud storage. You can purchase 100GB of extra cloud storage for ₹130/month. This will assist you in making space for those new mails, as well as you can use this across Google Drive, Google Photos, and different services.

To purchase extra storage you should simply select the amount of storage you want to purchase and put in your card subtleties to make the buy. After you have done this one time, Google will set up a repetitive payment for you that will continue getting you 100GB of storage space each month till you actively end the subscription.

₹130/month is anything but a major amount particularly on the off chance that you use Gmail and GDrive and so forth as seriously as we do. In any case, there is still a little catch to this. To purchase extra storage you will in any case need to delete enough data to cut down the storage space used to below 15GB first.

How might you do that? All things considered, it basically comes down to deleting content like emails, files, and photographs – unfortunately. You should let free up space on your Google account by deleting files by size from the Drive or by deleting emails or photographs from Google Photos.

Google Drive

  • Use a PC/laptop for this one. Go to
  • Log in with your Gmail account.
  • Here you will see all the files on your Drive arranged in descending order as per the amount of space they possess.
  • Delete all the files you needn’t bother with anymore.


  • On Gmail search run a search with – has: attachment larger: 10M
  • This will pull up all emails that have attachments that are bigger than 10MB in size.
  • Select the ones you don’t need and hit delete.
  • Empty your Trash folder also to free up more space in your account. Google automatically gets out emails from Trash that are 30-days old, however, you don’t have to wait for that.
  • Also, clear out your Spam folder.

Google Photos

  • Go to Google Photos on your PC/laptop and go to Settings.
  • Log into your account with your Google credentials.
  • Change the upload quality from ‘Original’ to ‘High Quality’.
  • Google will at that point ask as to whether you want to recover your storage. On the off chance that you say yes, Google will change over your prior uploads to High Quality and save you some more space.

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