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With New Horizons, Harisharan Devgan Scaling towards sustainability in Agriculture



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Harisharan Devgan is a man with a multi-dimensional personality. He is one of those few individuals who focusses on the mutual growth of self and his associates and community at large, is a successful entrepreneur, a die-hard nature lover, a sports enthusiast, a creative person, and an entertainment buff with his finger in the pie of the tinsel world, a benevolent personality, but above all, a farmer by heart. Nothing gives him more pleasure than being referred to as a Farmer. It is rather difficult to find so many varied attributes juxtaposed in one person.

He has left an indelible imprint on a million minds, with his plethora of success stories. His entrepreneurial life may have spanned a mere 20 years, a period when most entrepreneurs struggle to get a foothold in the unforgiving competitive world, Harisharan Devgan has spearheaded himself as a niche Businessman. An extraordinary vision, a new concept, and a unique idea are the most important things to have a successful entrepreneurial life.

Harisharan Devgan built one of the most successful companies in India out of sheer serendipity. Even having a brighter future, Mr. Harisharan Devgan was destined to be on a different pathway but he reaches there, despite many twists and turns in his way. His attitude of never giving up and having patience throughout a long journey had made him the “Organic Farmer of the Year”, an appropriate inspiration for people across the globe.

Harisharan Devgan already has many feathers in his cap, but he yearns to add many more. His achievements are soaring, and he is unwavering and truly the sky is not the limit for him as he believes in “never stopping” and “always achieving”.

Harisharan Devgan embarked and nurture his mind with great thoughts that led to the formation of Niche Agriculture Limited in the year 2013. Niche Agriculture Limited is now home to more than 3000 farmer families and a livestock of 6200 Gir Cows and other dairy animals.

Nearly, 50 varieties of fruits are produced by Niche Agriculture and there has been a growing demand for Niche Agriculture produces in India as well as abroad which led to the export of the products, thus, paving the way for another Business venture.

Though many agricultural products were produced, his favourite is Pomegranate farming, engaging organic methods and the use of sustainable practices available locally as well as the import of technological know-how from abroad, resulting in the production of quality and seedy organic Pomegranates. Adding more varieties to his already vast repertoire, Niche Group of Companies has been venturing into industrial hemp cultivation and Niche Phytopharma after taking all the required licenses and approvals from the concerned governments. His philanthropy deeds are well-known and appreciated around the world.

Harisharan Devgan has an eye for the needs of society. He supports his associated farmers in their troubled times. During these Covid-19 pandemic times, he has supported not only his people but other farmer’s communities with all the help that they needed. He has been a pillar of strength to his associates, staff, and workers alike which he accomplished without any fanfare. He is a true peoples’-man. 

Mr. Harisharan Devgan does not believe in having the right decisions but believes in taking decisions and then making them right. Hence, his wandering and soul-searching and the agitated mind have enabled Harisharan Devgan to spread his wings in the field of horse racing. His resentment and zeal for horses and other sports had led to the formation of Niche Racing and Livestock Private Limited in the year 2017, which is now home to elegant fleet of horses. Niche Racing is a very keen pursuer of horse racing with horses in all the major racing clubs of the Country.

Talking of the ostentatious world, Mr. Harisharan Devgan also known as Karan Devgan has his eyes on producing motion pictures and he formed “Niche Film Farms” in the year 2016. Niche Film Farm provides quality merriment and recreation from Bollywood and Hollywood cinemas.

Harisharan Devgan has been a source of motivation and a figure to look upon and emulate by many. Despite these accomplishments, Harisharan Devgan calls himself a proud farmer. To him, “once a farmer, always a farmer”.

Harisharan Devgan is the man with a vision who had fought a tough battle to successfully lead a business organization as big as The Niche Group of Companies. He accepted his criticism and flaws that have delivered the results that were hard to imagine. He puts his soul into reviving Indian Agriculture with all his perseverance, determination, and hard work.

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