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With upgrades for Apple Music and additional changes, iPadOS 17.2 is now available



With upgrades for Apple Music and additional changes, iPadOS 17.2 is now available

The majority of the new features found in iOS 17.2, such as updates for Messages and Music, are included in iPadOS 17.2, which Apple has made available to the general public.

Here is the next point update for iPadOS 17.1, which was released by Apple a little over a month ago. It is devoid of features unique to iPadOS, but it does include a number of minor system adjustments, updates to services, and an emphasis on bug fixes.

Journal, the most anticipated feature of this update cycle, isn’t even accessible on the iPad. Strangely, the new Journal app from Apple isn’t available on the iPad or Mac, but it is available on iPhones running iOS 17.2.

Numerous updates and new features were added to Apple services and apps. Toggling the recommendation engine is made possible with the Focus Filter, one of the new features added to Apple Music.

This release was supposed to include the Apple Music collaboration feature, but it was postponed. Users would have been able to share editable playlists with one another.

The recently added favorite feature to Apple Music has been improved. There’s a Settings toggle where users can select whether favorited songs are automatically added to their library. All favorited songs are also collected in a new Favorites Playlist.

While typing, the newly implemented transformer language model-based autocorrect displays inline predictions. When leaving suggestions in the predictive text field, users can turn off this inline prediction mode in Keyboard Settings.

Before joining a group FaceTime call, users will now be alerted if a contact they have blocked is present.

The tvOS 17.2 experience has been redesigned to align with the revamped TV app. Apps and channels now have equal footing within the app thanks to the sidebar.

Though they’re not quite what users hoped for, the Messages app receives sticker reactions. Rather than using the sticker as an in-line reaction, it simply places it on the edge of a text bubble as if the user dragged it there.

Additionally, Contact Key Verification has launched for those who are particularly concerned about security. With this additional security layer, users can now confirm each other’s identity with two different parties.

Open the Settings app, choose General, then Software Update to update to iPadOS 17.2. If your device is eligible for the update, select it and adhere to the prompts displayed on the screen.

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